2 Russian Radio Phones from 1950s

Russian Radio Phones from 1950s

Posted on May 22, 2014 by tim

In 1957, Leonud Kupriyanovich received a copyright certificate for “radiophone” – an automatic radio telephone with a direct line. Through an automatic telephone station this unit could be connected to any subscriber of a telephone network within the coverage area of the “radiophone” transmitter. At that time it was the first valid set of radio telephony equipment, demonstrating the principle of the “radiophone”. It was named after the inventor, LC-1 .

“The telephone is small in size, its weight does not exceed three kilograms” – wrote “Science and Life”. “The batteries are placed inside the case of the device; period of continuous use of them is 20-30 hours. LK-1 has 4 special vacuum tubes, so by tuning the antenna, power at short wavelengths is sufficient for communication in the range of 20-30 miles. On the unit are placed 2 antennas and on its front panel are installed 4 switches for making a call, the microphone (which is separate from the headphones) and a dial disk.”


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  1. Mitro says:

    In the past, the experts of technology didn’t have enough brain foods that could boost their brain to get more smart and clever. That’s why the phone looks very odd and some of them are big.

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