7 Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts

Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts

Posted on May 19, 2014 by tim


“Night hunters”, “Alligators”, “Crocs”: all those and more are the names of Russian helicopters – Mi-28H, Ka-52, Mi-24/Mi-35 respectively, that arrived at a Russian shooting range, “Pogonovo”, to participate in “Avia – darts 2014″ – a contest among the military pilots” – reports Dmitry with these wide screen clickable photos of the above-mentioned ‘copters.


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7 Responses to “Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts”

  1. edgar says:

    Bear in mind that Russia cannot produce decent automobiles
    or passenger jet planes.

    • Dennis says:

      I would agree with cars but passenger planes, you are wrong. Don’t just say something without doing research

      • edgar says:

        What passenger planes? “Superjet 100″?
        How many of the units of this plane were sold?
        How many of them are used worldwide outside Russia?

        • nikoliy says:

          Oh plz US doesn’t produce any decent automobiles ether…

          If it wasn’t for Russia and Russians helicopter designers and research US would be 10-25 years behind Russia.

  2. Mitro says:

    I disagree..
    Russia is one step ahead.
    The marketing is the primary key.

  3. Apostolos says:

    Russia has a lot more to gain from the world military aviation market than the civilian passenger planes market.
    Btw sporting the red army star on the planes,helicopters,vehicles etc. will always be cool.
    Keeps in mind of the people who realy liberate Europe from Fascism.
    A sad day for Ford motors usa and Ibm corp.usa who collaborate with Hitler.

    • OldBikr says:

      Who was it who signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler? Inside the borders of what nation did the Wehrmacht initially train, prior to starting WW2/Great Patriotic War? If you answered Stalin for question one and Russia for the second one you would be correct.

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