5 Tourism in USSR

Tourism in USSR

Posted on May 18, 2014 by tim

Ok, speaking about cold river kayaking, here we find a set of Soviet era photos of people traveling around. In the USSR a person, as a rule, couldn’t travel abroad so most of population travelled inside the country. The country had different places to offer – people could climb mountains, kayak and raft in rivers, ride skis or simply go camping. All this can be seen in these widescreen, mostly color, photos of Soviet tourism.





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5 Responses to “Tourism in USSR”

  1. Mitro says:

    No chicks in the first picture. Will the guys in the picture #1 do a threesome after taking a photo ?

  2. Tont_Touch7 says:

    The 1st photo is a bit suspicious – interesting choice of pose for a photo!?

  3. Roberto says:

    a little bit gay the first picture… XD

  4. Zlatan says:

    Dude, those guys are truly gay.

  5. sinan says:

    They probably are not gay, just good friends. In Anglosaxon culture men do not kiss each other, they do not hug each other properly because of a stupid fear of being mistaken for gay. The world is not just the west and the USA.

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