2 Sayano-Shushenskaia Hydro Power Plant in 2014

Sayano-Shushenskaia Hydro Power Plant in 2014

Posted on May 15, 2014 by tim

Yesterday, we showed you the Sayano-Shushenskaia power plant tram, and now we offer you a look on the plant itself. It suffered an explosion some time ago, but was recovered and looks like its doing well, according to these photos. Photos are clickable for larger versions of the images.


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2 Responses to “Sayano-Shushenskaia Hydro Power Plant in 2014”

  1. Lev says:

    My wife comes from near Krasnoyarsk, so we get to visit this dam whenever we go back to Russia to visit Mam and Pap.It is a beautiful area – I have many such photos. The entire Krasnoyarskii krai is beautiful.

    Krasnoyarsk is my favourite of all Russian cities. Clean, not over developed, friendly.

  2. Bugs Bunny says:

    I was there back in 1980, very impressive, but under idiotic management now :-(

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