3 The Hydro Dam Tram

The Hydro Dam Tram

Posted on May 14, 2014 by tim

It’s hard to believe but there is only one free tram in Russia. It operates in the village of Cheryomushky, and it is one of the smallest in the territory of Russia and the last created in the USSR and Russian tram system. It was opened on 18 May 1991.

Every morning, the village hears the solid thud of railway wheels, as the local tram delivers people to their work – the Sayano-Shushenskaya Power Plant.

When the power plant was being constructed, the railroad connected the village and the power plant. When construction was finished, only one track of the railroad was left.

A reversal ring on the line was not provided. Especially for the tram in Cheryomushki, the Leningrad Tram-Mechanical Factory built a car, model 71 – 88g ( LM-88g), in 1988. Tram is used not only for trips from Cheryomushky to the hydro power station, but also for trips within the village. The population in Cheryomushky is about 9000 and the village stretches for 2 kilometers along the banks of the Yenisei river.


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    this is the power plant that destroyed itself in 2009?

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