6 How Bad City of Pripyat is Today?

How Bad City of Pripyat is Today?

Posted on May 13, 2014 by tim

What is happening with houses in Pripyat today? Why are they becoming dangerous? They have been empty for up to 30 years. In 1986 they were full of people, the utilities were functioning, repairs were done in a timely manner, but after the accident all of the houses in the town were abandoned.

The entrance to school #1.

But it is better not to go for more than a few steps from the entrance of the building.

School # 1 was one of the first buildings that began to collapse. The first collapse was in 2006. After the rain, the roof had became heavy and then collapsed.

If you look closely at the destruction, it is clear that the quality of construction initially was bad – inferior crumbling brick, poor masonry, diluted cement.

This crash happened not long ago.

A view through the window.

An apartment building in the 1st district. It seems that the building is still quite strong, but this impression is deceptive. Note the upper panels – they have abnormally large seams in the joints and the facia panels of the top floor slant a little in different directions – there are no longer welded joints, and one can only guess which of the panel will fall first.

In this building entrances look more decent.

One of the typical single storey shops in Pripyat. The building did not survive the winter.

The central grocery. The roof and walls are still good.

A book store. Not long ago, the roof collapsed into the building.

Cafe ‘Pripyat’ was also shoddily build.


Remains of the aqueduct. Pripyat, incidentally, passed the “point of no return” quite some time ago, about fifteen years ago. This means that even if if the radioactive contamination in the city and surrounding area suddenly disappeared, it would not be possible to recover anything, it’s all too worn and rotted.

Prefabricated houses look better than those made from brick.

The entrance to the basement.

Some houses are in a pretty good condition.

Remains of a contact alarm on the entrance door. Such alarms were used to try to protect homes from looters in the early years after the accident.

In general, the prefabricated panel buildings in the city are much better preserved than the brick ones. Apparently, this is due to water which penetrating the joints and washed away the cement between the bricks, and froze in winter. After such “blurring” one of the buildings’ damaged walls gives way under the weight of the masonry above, and the building simply “lays down”.  Most of the buildings in the city were destroyed in this way. As an example, here are the crumbling walls of a bank.

Here is the famous “White House” near the central square, where in Soviet time “the town elite” of Pripyat had apartments. The building was built of brick and is now in a very poor condition. It is prohibited to go inside.

A brick restaurant building in the central square. Which will be the next building to collapse? The “White House” or it?

It’s better not to go inside the 16-storey building with the emblem on the roof.

After 20 or 30 years the “youngest city of Power” will remain only in memories and there will be only a few ruins rising above a thicket of dense forest that full of sound and life.


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6 Responses to “How Bad City of Pripyat is Today?”

  1. Tito says:

    Again? Pls, we have enough of this..really..

    • George says:

      They took a LOT of photo’s on that visit, going to take a while to see them all.

    • bob says:

      There could never be enough photos for me to see ! I enjoy seeing stuff from Russia that we’ve never had the opportunity to see before. altot of this stuff may disappear in 60 more years as if it were never there… thanks for all the pictures !!!

    • Bone idle says:

      This is a fascinating ongoing study on how the ravages of time will eventually devastate a modern societal city.
      This is very important information gathering.

  2. Hugh Crawford says:

    Please IGNORE those who think they own ER and are self-appointed Admins who can say what the rest of us should be able to see.
    One day, they will realise that nobody is forcing them to look at posts they don’t like, or that they can go elsewhere, where they might be allowed to bully other visitors.
    Love the Pripyat/Chernobyl features, as these areas are constantly changing (and some of us will never be able to visit for ourselves.)

  3. Yuri says:

    Water damage on any type of building material will make it fail. Wood, steel, concrete or brick, it doesn’t matter. These buildings haven’t had proper maintenance in 30 yrs.

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