2 Abandoned Porcelain Factory of Novij Brothers

Abandoned Porcelain Factory of Novij Brothers

Posted on May 12, 2014 by tim

This time we’re visiting an abandoned porcelain factory. It has a history going back as far as 1816 when it was founded by two brothers. After the Russian revolution it was nationalized and became the property of the state, without ceasing production though. It is said the most popular products of the factory were hand painted tea sets. Later, after the USSR collapse, the factory got into private hands again but stopped production totally in 2001. For some time afterwards, it was preserved by the owners but later they decided to scrap everything so the place became abandoned and it became possible for enthusiasts to sneak in and take some photos like the ones we have here today.


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2 Responses to “Abandoned Porcelain Factory of Novij Brothers”

  1. bob says:

    Owned by the state ? why wouldn’t they just let it stay in private hands? ,tax the shit out of it ?, charge them high interest rates?, with a mortgage they could never pay?, give them two aspirin and call it “Obamacare” so they can suffer until they die miserably and call it Democracy !!!…..oh, about the pictures…. it’s nice that we can see what industry the former Soviet Union had …and on such a grand scale !!!! in high school back in the 80’s they would show us old Russian pictures from the 50’s as if it was “their” modern times….

    • Jason P says:

      Another pointless post that contributes nothing to these pictures.. maybe stop being such a hateful person and respect the person that took these pictures. You turn everything into anti USA and it kills the mood of the article.

      It is sad that you think so little of this guy’s work and time taking pics edit them and write about them. What makes you think it’s ok to turn this person’s effort of a non political post about a porcelain factory into an anti America rant? Go over to pravada if you want to spew anti USA crsp and have brainwashed zombies cheer you on for it. Leave it off of this site

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