31 Victory Day Parade 2014 in Russia

Victory Day Parade 2014 in Russia

Posted on May 9, 2014 by tim

So, it was Victory Day in Russia today and there were parades. Usually the biggest one is in Moscow and here are some photos from there.


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31 Responses to “Victory Day Parade 2014 in Russia”

  1. john says:

    very beautiful !!!
    i love russia !!!

  2. Kyle says:

    In case anyone is wondering the man walking is not christian but Islamic and the Head Mufi of Russia.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Russia multicultural and multifaith country. Unfortunately we still have a religion( As in the whole world(

  3. brown says:

    Why parade? Parades are boring.
    Why couldn’t they organize a carnival?
    Like in Brasil. With drummers and
    dansing naked girls on moving platforms?

    • Tommo says:

      Yes! YES! Tanks are for people who need to prove something. The Brazilians don’t need to show anything! Metaphorically and literally.

      • MAXDMG says:

        In Russia there are carnivals) for Example Maslenitsa. And the biggest a new year celebration)

        • edgar says:

          Do not make things up. These things are easy to check.
          Neither Maslenitsa, nor New Year have carnivals.
          Both holidays are at winter. It is simply too cold for girls to be naked.

          • Darius says:

            You both are right. It is so because word carnival I the two countries is used a bit in different contexts. For example in Russia (and Soviet Union) the New Year celebration events where people are wearing masks are called carnival events.
            Where in other countries the carnival is a one common event per city or country – an event not associated with celebration of other important events. Besides there often participate (sometimes international) “professional” carnival groups, because a carnival is also a competition event for these groups. The groups are asset based on their costumes and performance.

            As far as I know it is done only in the worm season and only outside – on the streets and parks. The carnivals may vary in style depending in which country they are held.

  4. osip says:

    Plenty of easy targets for NATO.

  5. James S says:


  6. James S says:

    Go away. They are celebrating victory over the Nazis in WW2. If it wasn’t for the Russians Germany would have won the war. Hitler got a bit distracted by Soviet Union, we would have been wiped out if not.

    • Chris says:

      I agree except that taking Russia was the whole point of the war for Germany, lebensraum. The western front was to be secured before the eastern front could be opened.

  7. Bobb says:

    Putin has banned swearing. Report to the police station now!

  8. Berty says:

    Great to see some vets out and about, how very few people lived though the war!
    Would be nice to see some WWII machinery though….

  9. john says:

    Beautiful day in Moscow.impressive rebuild of military.

  10. Antonio says:

    Yes, what a beautiful day in Moscow….. helped by chemtrails ;)))) apart from that, this parade looks excellent, very nice, clean and the people and Army personal looking proud!

  11. darkness99 says:

    The parade next year will be something with the planed rollout of all those nextgen tanks and APCs

    • Hugh Crawford says:

      You’re not seriously trying to convince anyone that standard cloud seeding (for which I believe the Russians use concrete dust in the period prior to the parade) has anything to do with the looney conspiracy theory of chemtrails, which is not only crazy, but impossible if the claims are tested in any way, such as where do the megatons of chemical come from, where are they stored, which does nobody ever see them being loaded, where are the tanks on the planes, how are they hidden from the cres, the public, etc etc etc.

  12. Ivan says:

    Nothing interesting. Every year the same.

  13. Chris says:

    You are an idiot.

    Please get medication.

  14. DeathToNWO says:

    To Kiev–>> To fight 21 century Nazis.

  15. Matthew says:

    “Of the fifty battles I have fought, the most terrible was that before Moscow. The French showed themselves to be worthy victors, and the Russians can rightly call themselves invincible.”
    – Napoleon I

  16. CZenda says:

    The only thing missing are icons of beloved Fuehrer on sticks.

  17. Ed says:

    I also don’t get the point. With all those vehicles, wouldn’t the Russian people start wondering whether it’s a waste, or whether they live in a country that romantisises (sp?…) war? I guess it would only make sense if they have to reassure the people that they are safe.

  18. alsm13 says:

    It is all because Russia placed near Gayrope. We would not survive in case we have not big and strong army. Nowadays NATO army ten times bigger, than Russin Army and they are dreaming of WW3.

    • Darius says:

      “they are dreaming of WW3″ – do you your self really believe that bullshit? War is destruction and chaos – West is more interested in doing business rather than to loose business due to unstable situation and broke people due to war. And as far it goes for Europe – they are much more burocratic various doing endless discussion on what to do, how to come to some common opinion etc. rather than doing real actions.
      Look at Misral (no common opinion, France will still sell it) and other things. Sweden was about to provide engines for Russian BTRS. Italy and Russia have co-developed a training airplane. Boeing + Italian company were in the Superjet development project. There is a plant that is producing Italian helicopters in Russia. It also turns out that Germany was teaching some of Russian solders. Does it sound like they wanted a war and were against Russia?

      And besides you really underestimate the NATO if you think they would be happy to go into a war. Everybody understands that does not matter who will start WW3 – there will be no winners at all.

  19. alsm13 says:

    USA, Japan, GB, Germany, France – all these countries are bunkrupts. Western “business” is pillaging other countries for centuries.
    WW1, WW2, destruction and pillaging of USSR was orgainzed by satanic, homosexual and cannibal western politicans and bunksters to help USA get out of depression.
    Now USA desperately need WW3, for destruction and chaos, for killing billions all around the world, to get rid of their debt and assign all natural resources of the planet.
    WW is the only way out of this crisis, or USA is doomed.

    • Darius says:

      Hmm… I have heard that already somewhere! Ogh yea! In Soviet times every day we used to repeat that “the rotten USA will collapse very soon”! We know how that chapter ended.

      However I do agree that quite many countries (not only USA and Europe) do have financial problems. But if they will be wise, they will fix these by them self. Also one should not underestimate the private capital and business potential in those countries.

  20. alsm13 says:

    USA and EU are bunkrupts with enormous debts. All their business is pillaging other countries for centuries. WW1, WW2, destruction and pillaging of USSR were organized by western politicans and bunksters to overcome previous crisises. Only way out of the current crisis is WW3.
    Read the J. Coleman’s book “Committee of 300″.

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