16 Newspaper Office Trashed in Ukraine

Newspaper Office Trashed in Ukraine

Posted on May 7, 2014 by tim

The office of a newspaper was destroyed in an Ukrainian city. As the blogger reports, this was done by a group of the rebels for “not covering their actions in the city”. He mentions that even a fish tank with fishes in it was smashed and that the workers of the newspaper received threats for some time before the protesters promised to trash their place if they did not publish the information the protesters had in mind. Also, the blogger reports on an employee of the newspaper who posted on his Facebook page that even during World War 2 their newspaper was not destroyed by nazi germans. He also mentions that only three fishes survived out of the five present in the newspaper’s fish bowl.


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16 Responses to “Newspaper Office Trashed in Ukraine”

  1. jeebs says:

    I just heard all Russian blogs with over 3,000 visitors must register with the Russian oversight agency…Putin will show you how to love eh guys.

  2. petrohof says:

    thugs and criminals with no respect for the rule of law. things never really change.

  3. Seems like they pissed off the jew commies.

  4. Wrangel says:

    1. Rule of law has been disrespected by imposing non-elected government by force, which is accepted in West as legitimate representative of Ukraine. Current junta in Kiev only represent population of Western Ukraine, not Eastarn.
    2. Democratically elected president was deposed by brutal force since he was “corrupt”.
    3. But, strangely enough, he became “corrupt” and he could not be tolerated as soon as he signed agreement with Russia. Strange timing indeed.
    4. Yanukovich, agreed on almost all demands of opposition, and signed with them agreement of early elections, and until then he would be in power. This treaty was broken by force by opposition, and he was ousted out of Kiev.
    5. In the meantime, almost all political parties who not pro-Western have been banned or beaten in submission in the rest of Ukraine by Right-Sector.
    6. All journalist or politicians in Kiev who are not in agreement with current situation in Kiev have been threatened or beaten.
    7. Although almost 50% of Ukraine use Russian as their native language, Russian has been banned officially. Not to mention that there are around 10 million ethnic Russians in Ukraine alone.
    8. All political parties who represent people of south-east have been disbanded.
    9. If corruption is reason for Yanukovich deposing, then why is the most corrupt oligarch in Ukraine- Timoshenko free? Why is Kiev junta installed most corrupt oligarchs as local rulers of South-Eastern Ukraine?
    10. Why is the case that for 20 years, Ukraine had mostly pro-Western governments, yet it remains one of most corrupt and poorest countries in Europe, like Moldavia? Why is Ukraine almost bankrupted under pro-Western and anti-Russian fanatic Yuschenko? So it’s not about Yanukovich “corruption”, but about the fact that he has gotten too close to Russia.
    11. When people in Galicia (West Ukraine)took control of local barracks and seized control over local authorities, during anti-Yanukovich protests, no one in West considered that as “separatism”.
    12. But, when this same Galicians took control over Kiev and government, suddenly they want “Moskals” in the East to bound to their will?

    So, as we can see, Kievan junta has established language of brute force as source of legitimacy. People in the East are just returning them a favor. So, why all these hypocritical whining?

  5. George says:

    Even Hitler knew you had to control/silence the media.

  6. IronWolf says:

    The non elected “junta” was elected by the Parliament containing representation of all parties. Elections are upcoming. Did you ever think that maybe russia caused its’ own problems by occupying all these neighboring countries and resettling russians in them post WW 2 ? Then you question why there is anti russian sentiment by the native peoples ? Nothwithstanding, thank you for your recitation of russian propoganda. Russias greatest exports for the last 65+ years are lies and occupations.

    • Wrangel says:

      1. “All parties”, who represent will of just Western Ukrainians. Parties that represent almost half of Ukraine are basically banned. President of parliament was forced at the gunpoint to resign. Less then half of parliament voted for Yanukovich deposition, after they broke the treaty that they sign with him, the very next day.
      And this non elected junta is shooting at their own citizens in East. The crown of this hypocrisy is when this same junta blamed Yanukovich of shooting “his own people” in Kiev, but now they are dong the same on massive scale in the East. Hypocrisy par excellence.
      2. Only hatred towards Russians in Ukraine is represented in Western Ukraine (Galicia). Galicia, historically was not part of Russian empire, but Austria-Hungary, nor not was part of USSR when Holodomor happened. So these stories about “russian represion” are pure lies and propaganda. After all, if there were those “evil Russians”, most hardcore Ukrainian nationalist regions would never be part of Ukraine, but Poland.
      3. These same Galicians from Western Ukraine exterminated Poles and Jews in ww2. What is explanation of that? Now they hate Russians, although they have nothing to do with Russia in the first place. They were merged in Ukraine by commies.
      4. What gives rights to Galicians to impose their will on Donetsk? If they not like Russians, then let them secede from Ukraine. They hate Russia and USSR so much, yet they fight so hard to defend commie borders of Ukraine.

      Actually, justification of brute force on people of Ukraine, simply because they are Russians and because “Russians are evil”, by some western commentators, actually fully justifies use of brute force by these Russsians, in return, as a form of self-preservation. If self-designated “Ukrainians” hate Russians so much then it would be fair to let those Russians secede from Ukraine. You cannot have unified ethnically mixed country, and at the same time dehumanize 12. million of your own citizens. This is recipe for civil war, and unfortunately that is what is happening.


      And lets face it, most of you who support Ukrainian junta don’t do that because you like Ukrainians, but because junta is against Russia. Plain and simple. I’m fully convinced that you have same despise on Ukrainians as for Russians.
      But the former have role of “useful idiots”, same as in ww2 for Germans.

      • Nick says:

        Russians are not evil, Putins zombies like you are. Stalin killed more of his own people than nazis did. See Molotov-Robbentrop pact Stalin Gave Germany two years worth of food, metal and oil. Smart guy. Russia is sad that nobody wants to be under their mafia regime anymore.

  7. IronWolf says:

    There is so much corruption in these pro western former soviet satellite countries because of the continued influence and meddling of former communist officials that hold power and influence today. Its the way “business” was conducted under Soviet rule and that mentality continues to this day.

  8. aareg says:

    aww, the poor thugs didn’t have any gays to beat?

    It’ll be funny when they’re purged after Putin takes over.

  9. NA says:

    I’ve lived in Ukraine and I will tell you that the day the USSR fell apart we had all the ‘western helpers’ flock here to ‘help’.. destabilize the country and tear it apart from Russia from the onset. The problem with westerners like you is that you see only through prism of your western thinking claiming to know something about Ukraine because it’s the only way to denounce Russia for you since you’re so scared of it. “Russia caused its own problems by occupying all these neighbouring countries”?People of Ukraine and Russians have been living side by side for centuries and have been fighting ww2 with the most losses on Russian side so we have no hatred towards our brothers. Russia has been pouring in billions into Ukrainian economies since they separated in ’91 and before that. The problem is that the same politicians like Timoshenko have been looting that money into her western banks and there is no surprise that the west pulls the strings on those people. Trust me buddy, I’ve lived in Dnepr where Timoshenko made her business career and eventually into politics and when I see westerners backing people like her for ‘democracy’ it makes me smile because it’s a clear sign that they don’t care about the values these people have for as long as they can manipulate them into their favour, or they’re plain stupid, which I doubt. Lets face it once and for all- most Ukrainian and Russians are all slavs and no western gurus like you will ever be closer to us because we all realize that the US wants to have a global domination and Russia is in its way, and as far as Ukraine goes, well it’s nothing more than a proxy war and a reason to blame Russia, we all know well what they really want. Ukraine faces identity crisis today since they’re not sure who has been fooling them all this time. Stop living in your spider nest and get outside and explore the world before you say something with your rusted knowledge. And if you want to talk about occupation and lies, talk more about where the US places its military bases all over the world and where all your taxes go instead of fixing your own problems in your own countries. Peace!

  10. Rascallyraven says:

    Hummmm ….. what political purpose is served by destroying a…. toilet ..??

  11. IronWolf says:

    NA – you dont know a damn thing about who I am, where Ive been and what Ive experienced. I understand the close relationship between Ukraine and russia. Perhaps federalization makes sense. Whatever, I dont care (and neither does 99% of the US population). I dont support the “junta” nor am I against them. My opinion is not influenced by western media, but rather, the history of occupation and repression of the Baltic nations. Family history. The fear is russia has greater ambitions then just Ukraine; the rebuilding of the USSR. Time will tell.

  12. IronWolf says:

    To put it another way; it’s always poor russia – everybody hates russia. Russia can never admit they do anything wrong. Blame everything on western propganda. You ever stop and think it might be anger and resentment of what it did to so many non-russians, non slavs during and after WW2 ? Many resent russia for many more reasons than you stated. Sounds like you are a victim of your own propoganda.

  13. IronWolf says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  14. IronWolf says:

    Did you look at the “Get Berlin” post / pictures. To many it is as offensive as parading around in Nazi costumes. You wonder why there is anti russian sentiment ? That’s why. So maybe before you generalize about all of us stupid, spider hole dwelling, rusty history knowledge possessing westerners you stop and think for a moment.

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