4 Inside of Class Typhoon Atomic Submarine

Inside of Class Typhoon Atomic Submarine

Posted on May 3, 2014 by tim


The Project 941 submarine (NATO reporting name: Typhoon) is a type of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine deployed by the Soviet Navy in the 1980s. With a submerged displacement of 48,000 tons, the Typhoons are the largest class of submarine ever built, large enough to accommodate decent living facilities for the crew when submerged for months on end.

The Russian Navy canceled its Typhoon modernization program in March 2012, stating that modernizing one Typhoon would be as expensive as building two new Borei-class submarines. With the announcement that Russia has eliminated the last SS-N-20  missile in September 2012, the remaining Typhoons have reached the end of service.


Inside the cabin of “Arсkhangelsk” submarine.

This deckhouse is filled with water when the submarine goes under water.

“Severstal” and “Arckhangelsk”

This submarines were very comfortable for the crew.


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  1. Fkk u P says:

    Pool inside submarine… damn!

  2. Berty says:

    Wow these are big!

  3. Mike says:

    Wow, rust and mold, I guess that is to be expected.

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