30 Stormed Prosecutors Office in Donetsk, Ukraine

Stormed Prosecutors Office in Donetsk, Ukraine

Posted on May 1, 2014 by tim

A group of people in masks stormed the prosecutors office in Donetsk, Ukraine. After the building was captured, the Ukrainian flags were burned and their own flag was hoisted. They say that around thirty people were hurt as a result of the event.


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30 Responses to “Stormed Prosecutors Office in Donetsk, Ukraine”

  1. Didi says:

    Russian scumbags.

  2. MAXDMG says:

    These people are fighting for freedom from the government of Maidan which did not choose. They do not want to repay the loan from the IMF, which will hit, and so the poor or Pro-Nazi government.

  3. James S says:

    This is exactly like Maiden. These people don’t want to be controlled by illegitimate people in Kiev. They are being called terrorists because they don’t agree with Ukraine and it’s puppet master USA.

    • Billy says:

      As oppose to a Russian puppet master? Ukrainians should able to choose their future without gun point by masked men.

      Most of us honestly believed that we would never see an invasion and taking of one country by another in this century. Yet, it is here.

      And the U.S. comparison of Iraq.

      Why? We never wanted their land, we never planed on staying.

      Iraq violated the articles of their surrender from the Gulf war. The U.S. every right as the victor to go in and finish the job.

      What right does Russia have in Ukraine? Just because the people speak Russian?

      Gurd up your loins Ukrainian’s, freedom is not free.

      • Rafe says:

        Exactly they never wanted their land, you just wanted the control over natural resources and strategic advantage. Your country invaded Vietnam, bomb Kosovo, Libya, supports terrorist in Syria, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. And the President gets a Nobel price of peace….pathetic
        You’re so shallow, you don’t see what 1+1 is…

      • Steve Steveson says:

        Ukrainians chose their future by electing a president who was overthrown in a US and EU supported coup. That was when democracy went out the window and masked men with firebombs and guns became the norm. The men in these photos are acting the way the Maidan people and their western supporters have taught them.

      • bob says:

        What right does the U.S. have to Texas ? They all speak Spanish !

  4. Slovakian says:

    Do not give them chance any more, Ukrain peoples, its your land!
    We know them, they came to Czechoslovakia at 1968 in the same manner, bandits!! If they love their “samoderzavie of vors v zakone and aparatchiks” so much, they have to take it to Moskva completely with Kremlin´s “sabutilnik” Yanukovich and his mafians.

  5. Putin says:

    MAXDMG you say bullshit here and in Youtube and everywhere. NO NAZI! Stop spreading PROPAGANDA.
    Loan from IMF? What about 12 BILLION USD loan that Yanukovich wanted to take from Putin? Are you serious??

    James S: the government is the same as elected, except of president who RAN AWAY to Russia with his billions. In 23 days there will be elections and people can choose exactly the government they want. But as you see, Russia does not want Ukraine to be free, they want to push their will.

    • MAXDMG says:

      When Yulia Tymoshenko on the whole world declares that it is necessary to kill the Russians it is not Nazism. When Tyagnibok is screaming that it is necessary to kill Jews, Russians and others it is not Nazism. When Farion shouts that children should be as Bandera and declares that all the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine is degenerates this is not Nazism. Then what Nazism? All these videos are on YouTube, these people are here to control the nation…. I personally these bastards would hang up, and you probably love these people….

    • likemute says:

      lol. bullshit tv will choose president for all people. it will be…. guess who?…. Poroshenko! the guy who sponsored maidan

  6. George says:

    Very much how russia/stalin acted during WWII. They started by carving up Poland.
    That was the only way the soviet union could survive, by taking the treasures of the counties they invaded. Once that was used up, it collapsed because soviet russia couldn’t support itself.

  7. Sergei says:

    I wonder would Russia allow this to happen on their land??! I very much doubt it! Russia wants to rebuild Soviet Union, and these are the first steps. Wake up world before it’s too late.

    • Rafe says:

      what a dumb comment, cant believe it actually comes from you..you’re too dumb to understand that a world without a second superpower is lost !! Debyl…

      • Sergei says:

        Dumb or not, but you didn’t ansver the question: would Russia allow this to happen on their land?? Would they understand the separatists? What if Karelian separatists would like to rejoin Finland? Would Putin understand their point of you and let them to join Finland? Please, ansver honestly.

      • Slovakian says:

        .. if someone is debyl here,it is your father, sweetie, as he did non manage to trim you up to 21st century man. Any superpower, not just 2nd one is welcomed on stage, if its social, political and economical culture fits with life needs of modern man. Russia got absurd dinosaur and I honestly wish someone as Peter the Grate to come and take it back to civilisation..

        • likemute says:

          and where are 21st century men exist?
          in usa? with death penalty or prisons like guantanamo
          in china? the 2nd biggest economic and purest people plus things like death penalty.
          or in eu? where people just shake in panic under their beds when big countries solve their problems? useless usa dog.
          who is modern man for you? a man with a husband? with no free media? in loans?

    • bob says:

      ….. Would the USA allow this to happen on their land ? why cant Texas secede from the union ? what if Puerto Rico tried to go communist ?….. once again, double standards !

  8. Andy says:

    It would be helpful if people could take a deep breath… and
    accept that Ukraine is starkly divided into two countries, but culturally from the same Slavic Kievan Rus’ roots, from 9th century. The current disintegration egged on by
    the USA for its own agenda, did NOT start in November or
    even in 2004 but perhaps in late l7th century with the Agreement in a Rada (council) of 1683 that the country West of the Dnepre River could associate with Austro -Hungarian Empire, and the peoples living East, with the Moscow gov’t.
    ” Y krai” or “O krai” simply refers to peoples living on the borders, and old maps show it this way, with the area part of the Russian Empire. To some, Ukraine is
    simply Southwest Russia, and like all regions, has much to offer in culture, music, poetry, cuisine etc. Nationalism
    specific to the region did not take root until 19th
    century. Now, hypocritical USA interference is arrogant and aimed at Russia.. Ukrainians deserve better, and dividing the country now would seem to be the only sensible course, with the “well having been
    poisoned.” Trade and the economy are what count.
    I admit to being not optimistic.

  9. Putin says:

    Andy, you know what you speak about. But the roots of Kievan Rus’ are not purely slavic. Their co founders were from swedish roots. People in Ukraine also have Tatar roots. On the 16th century Moscow was too far from anywhere to be an interesting place politically. Russians and Ukrainian are almost same people, but mindset is completely different. Australia and UK are very similar in many areas, but are they the same country? Would UK dare to intervene militarly there? US and EU are not intervening, they are just protecting Ukraine’s right to be an independent country and take their own decisions with no penalties or annexation of it’s territory.

    • Steve Steveson says:

      Yanukovic, the legally elected leader of Ukraine made a rational decision to sign a much more beneficial economic deal with Russia instead of the EU. And how did the US and EU react? They supported a violent insurrection and threatened Yan with sanctions and the Hague if he dared to use the police or military to reestablish order in the same way any western nation would do. They destroyed a democratically elected president and destabilized the whole country. The chaos in the east is just more of what the West encouraged in Maidan but now that it is not serving their ends they decry it. Total hypocrisy and stupidity. Civil unrest and mayhem is a double-edged sword, America. Think again before you employ it.

      • Putin says:

        hold on there Sir. Yanukovich took a completely not-consulted decision to kick off EU and make a deal with his buddies from Moscow. Not even the parlament was consulted, even though over 50% of people were pro coming closer to the West. They are tired of thieves like Yanuk and corruption everywhere.

        • Steve Steveson says:

          His decision to not sign the EU deal may have upset a lot of people but it was not illegal or unconstitutional. The Ukrainians should have addressed the situation within the democratic process. And it was very unwise of Western democracies not to have advised them to do so b/c they have legitimized violence and weakened respect for the ballot which is required for any democratic country. Also Yanu said the EU deal was on pause not rejected. I think the benefits of the Russian deal compelled him to go that direction for now.

          • Putin says:

            You are forgetting many facts. Ukraine had a deadline to decide on moving to EU (i dont recall the exact terminology). AT THE SAME TIME Putin was pushing for Eurasian Union. Yanuk went for Putin, thus rejecting EU. EU said “fine for us, we drop the plan”. Then the protests started. Putin put pressure on Ukraine, and the president was corrupt. His idea was to wait one more year for elections – but still unite with Russia and 12 Billion USD loan – which would take DECADES to be paid by Ukraine. The people are not stupid, of course they rejected it, specially when Berkut (Yanuk’s police) snipers started firing at protesters in front of the whole world to see.

  10. bob says:

    ….. seems like in a real honest world, a country could buy ,sell,or trade with anybody they wanted to , both at the same time based on the quality and price of their goods. look at China for example…… just seems to prove that there’s more going on here than meets the eye……

    • Putin says:

      Bob, this is impossible due to interests of every country. Commercial pressure (sanctions) is the only remaining tool to avoid war and invasions from totalitarian countries. Would you make business with criminals? Or would you build a partnership with a company you know is corrupt from top? Its the same idea.

  11. bob says:

    Yep ! If Cuba produces better tobacco, coffee,peanuts,etc.then it makes the U.S. products worthless….. so they shoot them ! If Kuwait steals oil from Iraq / OPEC and causes oil prices to drop and then they complain……. the USA shoots them all ! Plato and Socrates explained over 400 years ago that democracy always turns into tyrannys….always !!! …..sanctions are an act of war ! you’re right about the criminals and the corporations, but they are in the West and they seem to have a lot of people fooled……

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