9 Going to Chernobyl for an Easter Holiday

Going to Chernobyl for an Easter Holiday

Posted on May 1, 2014 by tim

One more illegal and dangerous trip to the Zone where the life stopped in 1986. This time, a couple decided to spend their Easter holiday in the place. However, now there are a lot of opinions about the future of the zone as  the half-life of cesium-137 is 30 years and the disaster happened 28 years ago.

Celebrating Easter in a abandoned house near Pripyat.

Soviet board of honor in the village still is in good condition. Here was where the photos of the best workers were posted.

At the school yard.

The machine and tractor station (MTS)

A flat in Pripyat.


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9 Responses to “Going to Chernobyl for an Easter Holiday”

  1. Kuntsy says:

    Damn it! Please stop publishing those Pripyat/Chernobyl post – the are pretty much all the same. Enough of these wannabe stalkers. Boring…

  2. Hugh Crawford says:

    Anybody thinks the Pripyat/Chernobyl posts are pretty much the same is simply not paying attention, and would be better off just not looking at the posts, rather than complaining and suggesting those of us who can see the differences should be denied access to them.

    Some of us have no hope of ever getting there to have a look ourselves.

    Thank goodness they don’t have the job of the ER Police!

  3. I really find the post of Chernobyl/Pripyat very interesting. This place is very unique, you will not find anything like it on earth. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the site.

  4. Don says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. I have never seen these photos of Pripyat before! It was nice to see some different areas of the city other than what everyone else takes pictures of.

  5. asd says:

    The most dumb couple I’ve ever seen. In the other hand they know today why they will get cancer in a few years…

    • MAXDMG says:

      No, at the moment a serious dose of radiation can be obtained only at the station inside the sarcophagus. To live in these houses can not but to go near them…

    • ahahah says:

      You are right, those two Stalkers are Seriously Dumb persons.

      Sad thing is that they are Young… And successfully shortened their lifespan!

      What a Achievement

    • Duncan says:

      “The most dumb”.
      English isn’t my mother’s tongue, but isn’t it “the dumbest”? Therefore: here you go, selfown…
      And by the way: while it is dangerous to get radiation inside your body or be exposed to it for longer time, for a short period it is not. Or do you avoid flying or using mobile phone or being close to wifi. Flying at high altitudes also increases radiation, using cellphones and wifi also increases chance for cancer etc… Do you smoke? Not even passively? Do you live in a city? All 3 are highly increasing the chance to get cancer…

  6. AC says:

    I like the Chernobyl posts – the stalkers are bragging, sure, but they show me more than what I saw on a tour in 2012!! So I think they’re great.

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