28 A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

Today in Gorlovka, Ukraine, close to Donetsk city, people have stormed a police office. It is being reported that a few hundred people participated, mostly dressed in sportswear and wearing masks on their faces. They
threatened policemen with death if they don't surrender, a Russian news website reports. After they got into the building, a few policemen were beaten and a British journalist, Paxton, got his camera seized.

4 Krasukha-4 – An Army Grade Jammer

Krasukha-4 – An Army Grade Jammer

"Krasukha - 4" is another weapon of the Russian army. However this weapon doesn't shoot projectiles. Its sole purpose is to generate interference to jam other signals. As the Russian article on it says, it "makes missiles and planes of others blind and deaf literary". I am not sure how literal this is but what I get from it
is that it is a recently released top secret vehicle, with jamming equipment with a range of up to 300 km, that can jam electronics of the enemy planes, and even as they say, satellites. They also say that "if our Krasukha-4 is active we are sure with 99% possibility that enemy will miss our planes."

18 Astrakhan after Some Rain

Astrakhan after Some Rain

Sometimes it's rainy in Astrakhan. As a person from Astrakhan says, the city lacks drains so even small amounts of rain might turn the city into Venice after only one hour. Well, to
me its not Venice at all, but you might want to take a look. Also most of the photos in the article can be clicked for a bigger size (if such a size is available).

7 Tu-154 and IL-86 Russian Planes from Inside

Tu-154 and IL-86 Russian Planes from Inside

Two planes  - TU-154 and Il-86. These were two of the most popular passenger planes in the USSR. They made tens of flights each day
from Russia to other countries and tens of national flights as well. What are they in detail and what do they hold inside?

1 Robots, that can help you

Robots, that can help you

A small company in Perm, which employs only 12 people, has begun to produce robots. These robots can detect voices over external noises and answer questions, as well as learn and remember personal data. They are also easy to train and what is most important - are able to sell not only themselves, but also their clients.
Thus, this project - it's not a toy, it's a modern business tool. Their first work experience was a snow thrower robot. Consumer robotics now is much in demand, for example, in Europe every third vacuum cleaner is a robot. In these basic robotics - power and electronic are the main components.
19 First Open Fire in Ukraine East

First Open Fire in Ukraine East

    You might have heard that there has been some sort of unrest in Eastern Ukraine. While not going into detail about who is doing what, for what reason and with what purpose, here are the first photos of casualties
of the war, from the Instagram of the witnesses. The multiple cases of gunshots and fire were reported today (April 13th) in Slavyansk, Ukraine. They say that even a BTR (APC) was used in the attacks.

3 Kaindi  the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Kaindi the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Kaindi is a mountain lake in Kazakhstan. It is said that it was formed after a natural disaster in the area which blocked the entrance to this canyon and the mountain river has
filled the place with water. The forest that was growing in the canyon got covered by the water. Even after a hundred years the forest is still standing in the lake.

3 Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

In Russia, today (April 12th) is known as "The Cosmonautics Day", as on 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space. TV stations are usually airing something connected with space exploration
and we post here a film strip for high school children made back in 1983. I didn't have any idea that they had taken panoramic shots of the surface of Venus as far back as the early 1980s.

0 The Ussuri Observatory

The Ussuri Observatory

The Ussuri Astrophysical Observatory Institute is pride of Primorsky District. This year the famous "Sun Service" celebrates its anniversary. The first pictures of the solar surface in the village Gornotaezhnaya were received in March of 1954. More than half a
century it does not stop observing celestial bodies. Over time, the Observatory has undergone significant changes, experienced good and bad years. Now Sun Service receives new equipment by the expense of customers research on celestial bodies.

12 Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

The Soviet photographer Schekoldin was taking photos of people in the USSR. As it is was reported in the article, he was taking his photos but was not publishing them as they for sure were different from the
propaganda photos of that time. In the interview Schekoldin describes his style as "soc. cretinism - socialistic cretinism". "It was my reaction to the official propaganda, for the brainwashing."

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