1 Steppe in Spring

Steppe in Spring

"Poppies, tulips and other flowers which bloom now have a kind of protection from the people willing to gather them. Who in his sane mind would
like to go THERE?". The photographer made a road stop near Astrakhan. What was it that made him to stop and make these comments?
4 Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

        Most people know what hormones are and why they are needed, but only a few people know exactly how the research of hormonal interactions in the human body is done. For obvious reasons, and due to the complexity of these kinds of experiments, they can not be conducted on human beings. That is why, in the second half of the century in most countries, special
research institutes have been set up. Most of the necessary experiments are conducted on animals - rats, rabbits and primates. One of such institutes was called "The USSR Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy". There are a lot of rumors about the attempt to crossbreed humans and monkeys to create super-soldiers being done in this place.

4 Russian Army Alphabet

Russian Army Alphabet

It comes out there is a weapon named for almost every letter of the Russian alphabet. There are thirty
different Russian letters and thirty different Russian weapon names starting with each unique letter.

2 A Soviet Trace in Space Suits Manufacturing

A Soviet Trace in Space Suits Manufacturing

Spacesuits for Russian cosmonauts are being produced at the factory "Star". The "Star" started operations in 1952, but at that time the factory did not have a name - it was called factory "№ 918" and was one of the most secret factories
of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR. Now the "Star" produces high altitude equipment for pilots - suits, helmets, oxygen masks, fire suppression systems, ejection seats, parachutes and inflatable slides.

6 Exclusion Zone: The most secret corners of Chernobyl

Exclusion Zone: The most secret corners of Chernobyl

Today, the Exclusion zone is a superficial open radioactive source. Within radioactively contaminated territories, a series of works were carried out to prevent the spread of radioactive contamination and radionuclides outside the
exclusion zone, to the main reservoirs of Ukraine (Kiev reservoir, the Dnieper river, etc.) The Ukrainian part of the exclusion zone, and the zone of obligatory resettlement, has an area at ​​about 2598 km2.  

7 Vladimir Vorobjev: Another Soviet Photo Realist

Vladimir Vorobjev: Another Soviet Photo Realist

Vladimir Vorobjev is another Soviet photographer which didn't become famous during his lifetime. His granddaughter spent her time together with another man going through his archives and after that the photos were published in a Russian magazine. He was especially active in the 1980s, so these photos here mainly reflect USSR at
that time. As the magazine quotes the photographer: "The most value for a photographer is to make social photography. Every day things, routines, life - what can be more important than that? And the best criteria to distinguish good social photography is its truthfulness." So here we have the photos.

10 Preparation for Paskha (Easter)

Preparation for Paskha (Easter)

  On Paskha (Russian for Easter) some homes used to serve round cakes with sugary decorative toppings which they call Kulich. According to Wikipedia, those kuliches were a tradition of pre Christian slavic people of Russia, which was sort of ritual bread to celebrate a few important occasions during the year, like the New Year or early spring or in autumn for harvest holiday. Later
however, it got a Russian Orthodox church meaning and now it's sort of connected with Russian Christianity. There are factories specializing in these sorts of cakes closer to Easter, and priests sometimes come to the factory to give their "blessings". The cakes used to be decorated on top, and some of them are decorated by hand using brushes and edible paints:

3 Trains and Rural Landscapes

Trains and Rural Landscapes

Just some pictures of Russian trains going through rural landscapes. Trains of
coal, cows enjoying the spring sun, dogs - all this and more is inside.

2 Saturn MS an Abandoned Soviet Radar Station

Saturn MS an Abandoned Soviet Radar Station

The complex "Saturn- MS" was put into operation in July 1966 . A radio transmitter, "Saturn -MS " has been designed to operate in the UHF band by transmitting via the F-200P antenna with a mirror diameter of 25 m and receiving via a KTNA-200 with a mirror diameter of 25 m. These antennas are used for management of lunar and interplanetary space stations . To control low-flying objects, including manned objects, they used a two-way F-30C radio
antenna with a mirror diameter of 8 m. The radio link allows you to perform trajectory measurements, measure a range, measure radial velocity, and measure the difference between the radial velocity and angular positions. Also it transfers commands and program information and receives telemetric information by photo television images and proof of passing commands to produce a reconciliation of board time to surface.

1 Car on Ice At Night Illuminated from Underwater

Car on Ice At Night Illuminated from Underwater

We've had car on the Baikal lake ice already here. This is something alike, but different. This is the same place, but at night with some artificial illumination planted beneath the ice. I don't recall seeing something
like this before. So here is the story, told by the authors: "We didn't know if we would be able to illuminate the car thru the one meter (3 feet) thick ice. However we decided to give it a try..."

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