8 New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

A new Russian spaceport "Vostochniy" ("Eastern") is being built in far east Russia. Earlier, in Soviet times, the majority of launches were performed from the Soviet spaceport "Baikonur" in Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan is a separate state and it's said that Russia pays $115 million to Kazakhstan
yearly to be able to use the facility. The construction of the new spaceport is expected to reduce these costs and it also brings more workspaces to the Far East of Russia. The construction began in 2011 and the first unmanned flight is expected to be launched from here in 2015.
0 Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field

Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field

2 Models of the Ingush Towers

Models of the Ingush Towers

  A man named Magomed-Bashir Ozdoev creates miniature models of Ingush towers. His models reportedly are shown in the museums of Ingushetia and are being sold to private
collectors. As being posted on Russian blogs, the man, Magomed, is doing this for fun as his main job is being a lawyer. He spent six or nine months making some of these models.

4 Secret Moscow Underground Line

Secret Moscow Underground Line

  Report from the U.S. Department of Defense: In 1991, the United States Department of Defense published a report entitled "Military Forces in Transition", which devoted several pages to a secret government underground facility in Moscow. It also included a diagram of the system superimposed on a map of the city. "The Soviets have constructed deep-underground both in urban Moscow and outside the city. These facilities are interconnected by a network of deep interconnected subway lines that provide a quick and secure means of evacuation for the leadership. The leadership can move from their peacetime offices
through concealed entryways in protective quarters beneath the city. There are important deep-underground command posts in the Moscow area, one located at the Kremlin. Soviet press has noted the presence of an enormous underground leadership bunker adjacent to Moscow State University. These facilities are intended for the national command authority in wartime. They are estimated to be 200-300 meters deep, and can accommodate an estimated 10,000 people. A special subway line runs from some points in Moscow and possibly to the VIP terminal at Vnukovo Airfield"
2 An Abandoned Vitamin Factory

An Abandoned Vitamin Factory

Belgorod's Vitamin Plant was founded in 1959. Later, it became one of the largest manufacturers of vitamin A in the world. In
the 70s, the range had been focused on the production of vitamins C and B. For some reason, it was closed in 2003.
2 Russian Food That Travels to Space

Russian Food That Travels to Space

Several research institutes and experimental plants are operating in Russia for the production of food products for space. This
country is the only one in the world where operating organizations specialized in the manufacture of food for the space.

1 Russian Town Kasimov

Russian Town Kasimov

This is the Russian town, Kasimov. It is said that it is more than nine hundred years old. Faces of the town, streets of the town, and the feel of the town. By the way, this city has a precious metals
factory which processes gold and silver, and molds out the pure metals. It has been said that in the year 2009 for example, the factory produced thirty tons of gold and 117 tons of silver.

2 Moscow Olympics

Moscow Olympics

A few photos from a private archive of the
Moscow summer olympic games of 1980.

2 School No. 205, Moscow, Russia

School No. 205, Moscow, Russia

In the Soviet Union, most of the schools didn't carry names, but rather they were numbered. In smaller cities, the number of schools didn't exceed a two digit number, but in cities like Moscow there could be more than a thousand schools, at least this is what comes out of their numbered "names". The schools could be called "School #1022", "School #111" etc. and when kids talked to each other, they referred to a number in order to identify which
school they were visiting. Also, the schools were not divided into primary middle and high schools, they were just "schools" where the children of all school age attended. In Soviet times, they were forced to wear school uniforms, however by the early nineties most of the kids didn't wear them. This is a photo series of the Russian school of the early 1990s, 1991 to be exact, and the school number was "205".

2 An Abandoned Factory Close to Moscow

An Abandoned Factory Close to Moscow

Some photos of an abandoned factory that is, as being reported, located not far from Moscow. The people who sneaked in said in their post, that the object itself is pretty unknown to
mainstream lovers of abandoned places, so the inside condition of the place is as is and not vandalized, as some others have been. It's not clear what sort of factory it was though.

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