2 Special Forces Contest in Belarus

Special Forces Contest in Belarus

In Belarus police a special contest is being held. The winners will get the right to wear a maroon beret - a special headwear with a distinction. As being said policemen consider it to be a special insignia distincting the most brave amongst them. The
contest is open for Belarussian police special forces active members, but not only them can participate - others serving in military or even studying in the police university can test themselves and have a chance earning the beret.
0 Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

  Stray horses ravaging the trash bins became a real problem for the Kamchatka towns. At least this is what says Boris, manager of the local trash removal company. "If there are dogs or birds on
other trash sites, we have horses here. They wander uncontrollably around and climb into the trash bins, throw around the trash. They ruin our work!". We have more photos. See inside.
1 City Signs Repainted to White-Blue-Red

City Signs Repainted to White-Blue-Red

  A few city signs - the concrete monuments that bear the name of the city - were repainted in white - blue - red colors. At
least eight cities reported their signs being recolored in this colors. Where did this happen? It happened In Ukraine.

1 Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Russia is the worlds leading country in diamonds export and production. It has been said that Russian alone accounts for 27.85% of worlds diamond production. Unlike the African diamonds, when sometimes they are been called "Blood Diamonds" for the negative consequences their trade causes to the locals and their origins sometimes unclear, Russian diamonds origins are pretty clear as 97% of Russian mined
diamonds are accounted for one company ALROSA - which is roughly 27% of worlds production. This company stock is more than two thirds belong to the Government of Russian Federation and local Yakutia regions. They say they would be able to keep the production at same pace for at least eighteen or twenty years more. And here goes a report of how some of the stones are being cut.

1 Habitable Caves of Pridonje

Habitable Caves of Pridonje

  "The robbers of the Cossacks, which were pursued by the Tzar lived here . They were expelled from their villages, that's why they went away to dug caves and then lived in them. So that to earn for living, they attacked and robbed passing ships. Stepan Razin and his army were among them. There, in the caves it was a staging post, and the robber hid the loot
here. " The Semeykinskaya Cave is the most mysterious of all the caves of south Don. It has absolutely inexplicable from the standpoint of the religious needs a two hundred meter course with a ceiling height of over two meters and a width of up to five feet, but it is a dead end, leads nowhere and has a single-cell niche in the hall.

1 Lviv Bus Factory

Lviv Bus Factory

  The Lviv Bus Plant  is a Soviet and Ukrainian company, founded on May 21, 1945. At first, the plant produced shops on wheels, cranes, road trailers. In 1956 the plant
 had produced the first bus LAZ-695 and since that moment serial production of buses had been started. On March 12, 2013 a factory conveyor LAZ was stopped.

3 105 Photos out of Soviet Vintage Magazines

105 Photos out of Soviet Vintage Magazines

Here we go with one hundred and five photos taken out of a Soviet magazine "SMENA" or "Change" in English. It has been said that the magazines come from
years 1955 to 1960, the period after Stalin passed away and new times for Soviet state has began. Photos are clickable for the larger versions.
32 The Best Ground-Based Air Defense System in the World

The Best Ground-Based Air Defense System in the World

    An air defense brigade based near Moscow has the new generation of anti aircraft missiles the S-400 "Triumph" or SA-21 Growler as NATO calls them.  Those are still cannot be bought by foreign countries and are used for Russian defense only, however there was an information that China got an approval for getting some of those. But only after 2016 when Russian army is planned to get its stock of the missiles. As wikipedia
says those air defense missiles are unbeaten by any of the air defense systems in the world and is much more effective than American "Patriot" system. All the systems including this one are almost brand new as the first complexes were shipped only in 2007. So here are the widescreen, clickable photos of what is being called "the best ground-based air defense system in the world" by Pravda.ru:

3 Nelidovo a Village of the Closed Mine

Nelidovo a Village of the Closed Mine

As  blogger Samson reports, Nelidovo in Tver region of Russia is a town where once the coal mines were operating. Later the coal mining here was found to be unprofitable and the mines got shut down. The last one was closed
almost twenty years ago. However people stay in the town, the ones that couldn't find a better place for themselves in the new reality. The blogger tells the town reminds him the landscapes of "Stalker".
2 Storming the Command Center

Storming the Command Center

    In Pskov region, next to Estonia, a check was held for the 76th storm-airborne division of Russian army. On a land strip of three
kilometers soldiers have tried to storm a command centre which was captured by "saboteurs". You can click the photos for the wider images.

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