2 Color Widescreen Photos of Russian Railway back from 1885

Color Widescreen Photos of Russian Railway back from 1885

    Want to see the color (or colorized) widescreen photos of Russian railway stations dating from 1885? Then just click on any
photo and browse with the arrow buttons. The first photo is a photo of the Moscow "Kursk" railway station. I liked those.
6 A Man and His Full Metal Room

A Man and His Full Metal Room

  After the recent events in Ukraine, some things have changed ownership. We have posted the house of Ukrainian president Yanukovich who had a two pound solid gold medal with his face on it and the house of his prosecutor general who was painted dressed as a Roman emperor in the picture found in his house. Now here is a ex-chief of the tax collection service of Ukraine, Alexander Klimenko. It has been reported that this tax collection service was founded by
Yanukovich two years ago. Presumably its main purpose was to improve tax collection across the country. They say that there were more than two hundred companies in Ukraine used for tax laundering, with the gross volume of transactions amounting to 200 billion in local currency. He was probably in charge of finding and closing all of these businesses, however he has fled the country too, and now photos of his office have been published.

2 Abandoned Island with Bio Warfare Polygon

Abandoned Island with Bio Warfare Polygon

The Soviet center for testing biological weapons on a godforsaken island in the Aral Sea existed for about 45 years. The town has a school, shops, a post office, a dining room, science labs, and, of course, a polygon, where extensive testing of deadly
biological agents, including anthrax, the plague, tularemia, brucellosis, and typhoid, was carried out. In the early 1990s, after the collapse of the USSR, Soviet troops left the town and the polygon  among the sands of the dying Aral Sea.
18 Ex Russian Soldier Lives Twenty Nine Years in Afghanistan

Ex Russian Soldier Lives Twenty Nine Years in Afghanistan

  Today, I've read the story about a Russian, a Soviet citizen Sergei Krasnoperov, who was a soldier in Afghanistan in 1984 and then fled to the Mujahideen - the Muslim forces opposing the Soviet army there. Sergei, forty nine years old now, has served almost two years in Afghanistan, however according to his story, during the last months of his army service his relations
with other soldiers became unbearable. "They all joined against me and I couldn't respond. I even didn't want to flee - all I wanted was justice to those soldiers who abused me, but the officers didn't care. I didn't even have a gun at the time, or I would have just killed them." So he decided to flee and he did. He went to the nearest enemy forces and

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