19 Mi-8 Flight Around Villages

Mi-8 Flight Around Villages

Posted on April 30, 2014 by tim

A photographer, Marina, takes a ride on a Russian military helicopter Mi-8 from Kubinka, 60 kilometers from Moscow, and flew around. What was she able to see? Other military helicopters taking off and landing, rusty abandoned helicopters standing in the field, huts and houses, sawmills and hundred year old wooden structures, also the Victory Day infantry parade preparation and some more. All from above, all shot from the Mi-8 helicopter. Want to see it all? Then don’t hesitate and proceed inside.


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19 Responses to “Mi-8 Flight Around Villages”

  1. bob says:

    the U.S. can invade Granada ,Haiti, or anywhere they want to ??? their special forces shoot up countries everyday!!! but Russia is not allowed to protect itself or its assets or prevent a Ukraine Civil War??? why doesn’t the U.N. ever put sanctions on the U.S.A.??? scam alert!!! many U.S. citizens would gladly join the Russian army today because the true constitutional USA no longer exists….. and needs to be re established !!!!!

  2. IronWolf says:

    OMG – You are hilarious. Go home.. take your’e medication. Many US citizens would join Russian army ???? You are completely out of touch with reality.

  3. IronWolf says:

    Bob is a cob

    • bob says:

      ….”steel dog” with a steel trap for a mouth and with your own foot in it… I don’t wish to use this Site to bicker amongst ourselves….. politics and religion….. two very big subjects with so many opinions and who is ever right ?! like the people who are fighting this “war”(politics,economics,bombings,etc.) themselves…..it is all about opinions !……. mixed with lies and propaganda from the west…… do you really believe your government ?????

      • Ironwolf says:

        I beleive nothing that I havent verified from multiple sources. They all lie and are engaged in propoganda. The difference is we recognize that and call it as it is. On the other hand it seems most in russia dont question and blindly follow their leader. Russia never lies, russia never does wrong, no russian troops in crimea, no russian operators in east ukraine. Propoganda only comes from the evil West. What a joke.

      • Ironwolf says:

        My apologies, – that was sophomoric and uncalled for.

  4. IronWolf says:

    The US military would liquify that rusting outdated POS band of barbarians you call a military. The few units with modern equipment that Russia parades around is nothing more than for show; window dressing that is meant to hide weakness. Putin’s actions have destroyed all hope of Russia modernizing its’ military in the near future. Im still laughing at your comment that US citizens would join the Russian army. Thank you for the humor.

    • MAXDMG says:

      That the loss of the US in Iraq is not much present the army on the good side. Even easy armed insurgents easily killed vaunted Rangers, junkyards hammer’s and Abrams in Iraq are impressive. And what if they are with someone will face more serious?

    • Strizh says:

      Blablalabla so much talking from the US side without any actions, you would you could but so far I can only see how Russia is outclassing you in any matter.

    • bob says:

      Yep, the U.S.A. military

      • bob says:

        ….would be too busy “making out” with each other to fight a real war ! The USA doesn’t have any real men left ?,or you could go out on the street after dark in your neighborhood….dopers,gang bangers,….. and other types of degenerates of your society! is that really what you want the rest of the world to be like?…. Felons under police control…. and call them towns…lol…

  5. Muzzlehatch says:

    Yeah, Ironwoof, tell us all about your military experience, where you were stationed and how many medals you have. A keyboard kommando if I ever heard of one.

  6. bob says:

    Gays,liberals,etc.,(U.S.A.)……. trying to conquer the world !….. soon they will require that for future wars, everybody lay down so they can “blow” the heck out of them !….lol…lol….lol…

    • Ironwolf says:

      Boob: Tell us again the story how many in the US want to join the russian army ! 99% of the people in the US dont know and dont give a shit about what is going on in Russia or Ukraine or in Europe for that matter. Thank you again, you gave us a good laugh all weekend.

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