2 Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

Posted on April 29, 2014 by tim

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company – one of the largest vertically integrated holdings in Russia, which is based on the principle of a closed process chain: from raw materials to finished products. Main products are cast iron, steel and rolled.

Mine “Severopeschanskaya” with crushing and concentrating plant.

Blast hole drilling at a depth of 320 meters.

An ore loading with scraper winch to electric cars

Field drift. Thereon electric trains  with trolleys deliver ore from the loading area to the crushing complex.

The cabin of the train operator.

Circular trolley’s tumbler.

Underground crushing complex.

Crushing and processing plant.

The Serov’s Metallurgical plant. Since 1896 till the First World War the factory had been made rails for the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Modern Plant is  a company with a full metallurgical cycle. It has sintering, blast furnace, electric furnace and rolling production.

The plant produces about 200 types of steels.

Production of crude iron.

The left bucket is filled with crude iron bucket, and the right with ladle slag.

Streams of molten metal are separated with sand

Closing of the furnace after crude iron exited.

A gas escaping.

A slag draining.

Steel-smelting shop
80-ton electric arc furnace.

Slag removal from the surface of the liquid metal.

The duration of melting in an electric furnace DSP-80 is 47 minutes. While in open-hearth furnaces for steel-making it takes about 8 hours.

Pouring of molten crude iron

Heavy section shop.

The ingots are coming from the electric furnace shop with temperature 700-900 ° C, then they have been heated to a temperature of 1100-1200 ° C in the heating wells, and then rolling to a linear mill.

The feed of the heated ingot to rolling.

Cutting to a measured length.

The equator of the Earth could be wrap around by rolled steel 15 mm in diameter that was made on the Serov Steel Plant since 1999.

Calibrating shop.



The Metallurgical Plant “Electrosteel of Tyumen.” was built in 2013.

The main raw material for the new enterprise is a steel scrap.

The rolling mill 370.

Mill operator.

Rack-fridge in a rental shop.

1000 people work there.


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    scrap steel is poor in quality – most of this is chinese quality and poor

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