4 Living in Huge Metal Barrels behind the Polar Circle

Living in Huge Metal Barrels behind the Polar Circle

Posted on April 25, 2014 by tim


This houses are called “all-metal unified blocks”. They used for army or civilian needs, when in a short time it was necessary to make a temporary houses for people. Some of them can be found on the Graham Bell Island. It is an island located at 80.8663889°N 64.2891667°E in the Franz Josef Archipelago, Russia

The plaque tells when and where the house was built.

They are of a cylindrical shape which is considered to be the most suitable.

Inside of them there is a built-in equipment – folding beds to sleep, tables,  sanitary devices.

As the big experience of operating such homes in Afghanistan (in wartime) and BAM (in peacetime),shows that not all housing units provide thermal comfort inside the building when the outdoor temperature is below (-20 C), especially when it is combined with a strong wind.

This mess gives a thought that this house was abandoned suddenly.

Every surface is decorated with posters.

Some windows are opened.

A developer for the film

A cucumber and flower seeds.

“Good-bye, Graham Bell” – Lieutenant Vinogradov.

A sea view.

This attached corridor had protected the entrances to the houses from the snow.

A lavatory is on the left.

Shelves are on the right.

A kitchen with a food table.

A stove.

A bedroom is also a living-room.

Different junk was stored on the roof.


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4 Responses to “Living in Huge Metal Barrels behind the Polar Circle”

  1. komar says:

    Hej, Poster “FILMSPIEGEL” is from my country GDR before the 1989 godu

  2. Vijay says:

    Too bad all the interiors are covered mostly in snow and ice. Would have been nice to see the interiors as they were when in use.

  3. Bobb says:

    Don’t worry about ruining the environment in 2 or 3 thousand years it will all be gone.

  4. edgar says:

    It is a dream of every Russian to live in a such metal barrel.

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