9 Computers and other Tech from Soviet Times

Computers and other Tech from Soviet Times

Posted on April 25, 2014 by tim

“Computers in Soviet times were something out of common”, states Yuri and posts a collection of old Soviet tech. From Soviet computer mouse to the Soviet documents shredder –  a set of eighteen retrospective Russian computer tech.

The first photo features a Soviet local network.

And as Yurii says this was a Soviet printer.

This one he calls a processor, whatever it means.

According to Yurii this is “multitasking”, actually what it reads is “Start”,”rewind”,”stop”.

Soviet mouse. I like the scroll wheel on the side. It’s called “Comet”.

Magnetic disc element.

Magnetic tapes data storage.

1982. The general view of information centre of Russian institute. ES-1022 computer, RAM size is 512 Kb, speed is 80,000 operations per second.


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9 Responses to “Computers and other Tech from Soviet Times”

  1. Dag says:

    soviet time was very dark and grey most depressing

  2. Ilmarinen says:

    And all you see is just a copy of IBM mainframes…

    • George says:

      Yep. Continued on for many years too. Many of the microprocessors were direct copies of stuff designed in the USA. They had almost an exact duplicate of the famed Zilog Z-80 chip, with just a few cosmetic changes.

      Without all the stuff they stole from the USA, they’d still be living like it was 1917.

      (china too)

      Which is sad, because they can do this themselves, they’ve proven that. But they just choose not to. Company logo’s too. No real reason to steal those either, but they do.

      It’s like instead of taking pride in developing their own stuff, they take pride in stealing stuff.

      • Ilmarinen says:

        I worked with ЭВМ EC1022 (I can remember a joke, that why we have 3BM if all we need is just 1BM :-)); now I’m working with z/series mainframes.

        Well, soviet computers were not so bad, but the component base was poor quality and our mainframe constantly suffered from various disturbances…

      • AlexP says:

        Yhea! No time and money wasted in crappy R&D when you have good stuff already made without any taxes and f*****g royalties from greedy people! So cool isn’t it!?!

      • unbekannter says:

        Yes thes Russian stole every Idea :LOL:

        an wahts about the Ideas packed in in Germany after WW2

        A4, Horten, Stratojets.. Arado 234, ME 262

  3. SKANSEN says:

    What Yurii call “multitasking” (page 1) is in fact shredder (page 2). Compare buttons-they are the same.

  4. Maus says:

    “And the shredder, yes.” is essentially the same device as ““multitasking”, actually what it reads is “Start”,”rewind”,”stop””

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