4 Place Where Nuclear Fuels Are Being Made

Place Where Nuclear Fuels Are Being Made

Posted on April 24, 2014 by tim


Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant in 2011 produced and sold 70% of world consumption of lithium isotope-7 (1300 kg). It was a new record in the history of the plant. However, the main product of the production of NCCP is  nuclear fuel .”Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant” is one of the leading manufacturers of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants and research reactors in Russia and abroad. And the only Russian manufacturer of lithium metal and its salts. It Is part of the State Corporation “Rosatom”.

White clothing and protective masks is required on the territory of the plant.


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4 Responses to “Place Where Nuclear Fuels Are Being Made”

  1. DeathToNWO says:

    This is the king of all insurances.

  2. ae says:

    The only kind of Energy resources where from raw material you got 100% of Waste product !!!!!!!!!

    Which in turn is dealy,toxic and hazardous, must be kept in secured areas for Hundreds of thousands of years !

  3. Hugh Crawford says:


    The only kind of Energy resources where from raw material you got 100% of Waste product !!!!!!!!!

    I suggest you look at the coal industry and have a reality check.

    Rather than make a mindless anti-nuclear nonsense statement, count the deaths and illnesses caused by coal, and the lasting damage done to the land around coal mines.

    All ignored while nuclear is demonised by a few loonies.

    • ae says:

      Go to ENEnews site and Read the letters of first class scientist…read what they have to say!

      Coal is not the Answer,but Nuclear Oh my god is Not near! Do you know that in nature there are Nothing more Carcinogenic,Mutagenic, DNA damaging (both for Plants and Animals=us)than RADIONUCLIDES!
      Take for example Pu-238 or Pu-239 are so deadly that tiny micron size particle lodged in body will for sure cause the cancer.
      Also Radionuclides like Caesium 237, mimic Potassium, so our body recognise it as Potassium.
      meanwile Strontium Sr-90 is the main cause of Leukemia, bone cancer, and our body recognise him as Calcium, but fact is that it is Deadly Strontium.
      All Nuclear powerplants can’t filtrate radioactive Tritium, and release enormous amounts of Tritium in athmosphere in daily basis!
      In60s and 70s many scientist used to think that Tritium is harmless radionuclide, but in 90s truth how damaging tritium is started to appear! Also in Planet Earth Ionosphere concentration of Gas Tritium is By year to year , Larger!


      In radius of 30km near Nuclear powerplant percentage of deadly diseases like cancer and leukemia are incredibly high, which speak for themselves!
      Nuclear Industry is Industry created on Death and this industry Bring the death !
      it is One Lunacy, we can’t protect or create one building that will last 15 000 of years ,still we create large pile of radioactive slum and mass, which we in turn we must to keep it, stored in safe place for 300 000 years!
      and what is gain? small amount of electricity for several years… etc.

      eh this is like you excange your Porsche for mule.
      So are we as Humanity mad or Not?

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