2 Special Forces Contest in Belarus

Special Forces Contest in Belarus

Posted on April 23, 2014 by tim

In Belarus police a special contest is being held. The winners will get the right to wear a maroon beret – a special headwear with a distinction. As being said policemen consider it to be a special insignia distincting the most brave amongst them. The contest is open for Belarussian police special forces active members, but not only them can participate – others serving in military or even studying in the police university can test themselves and have a chance earning the beret.

“Many of them prepare for the contest for a few years. They do physical exercising, run on the stadiums in free time. Getting this headwear is cooler than graduate from the top Belarussian university with a distinction”, reports online.by.

They have to run for twelve kilometers then cross a burning obstacle course. Then those who passed shoot weapons and at the end they fight. A contestant has to be able to stand for twelve minutes against a group of the others. One against a few special forces members.


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2 Responses to “Special Forces Contest in Belarus”

  1. Bobb says:

    Extra points for removing insignia.

  2. Dactyl says:

    Seriously what are these guys wearing camp pajamas?

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