1 Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Posted on April 23, 2014 by tim

Russia is the worlds leading country in diamonds export and production. It has been said that Russian alone accounts for 27.85% of worlds diamond production. Unlike the African diamonds, when sometimes they are been called “Blood Diamonds” for the negative consequences their trade causes to the locals and their origins sometimes unclear, Russian diamonds origins are pretty clear as 97% of Russian mined diamonds are accounted for one company ALROSA – which is roughly 27% of worlds production. This company stock is more than two thirds belong to the Government of Russian Federation and local Yakutia regions. They say they would be able to keep the production at same pace for at least eighteen or twenty years more. And here goes a report of how some of the stones are being cut.

At first all stones fall into the pantry of raw materials. Here they will be recalculated, weighed, verified with the shipping documents, added to database of accounting.

From the pantry the diamond gets to the area  of closed technological cycle. Here the technologists will sort and mark stones.

The stones are scanned by spesial system that transfer their reflection into a 3-d model in the computer. Also the programm advises the form of the future diamond so that to minimize wastes.The cost of this diamond placers is 3560 dollars.

It will be one diamond from this stone. Its cost is a little less than three thousand dollars.

From this stone there will be two diamonds.

A special holder for the stones

Then they goes to the cutting sector

2 microns laser cutting thickness is significantly saves rough.

But some rocks have a high internal stress, and a laser cutting  of them is dangerous. For this case an old method is  used- the bronze disc.


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  1. Vijay says:

    Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Amazing to see all this tech and related efforts. This site on some days is better than watching TV for sure.

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