1 Habitable Caves of Pridonje

Habitable Caves of Pridonje

Posted on April 23, 2014 by tim


“The robbers of the Cossacks, which were pursued by the Tzar lived here . They were expelled from their villages, that’s why they went away to dug caves and then lived in them. So that to earn for living, they attacked and robbed passing ships. Stepan Razin and his army were among them. There, in the caves it was a staging post, and the robber hid the loot here. ”

The Semeykinskaya Cave is the most mysterious of all the caves of south Don. It has absolutely inexplicable from the standpoint of the religious needs a two hundred meter course with a ceiling height of over two meters and a width of up to five feet, but it is a dead end, leads nowhere and has a single-cell niche in the hall.


It is easy to find the entrance.

A swallows nest

This cave is two-storied

A furnace

The entrance to the balcony

The Don river is very close to the cave.


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  1. Douglas says:

    It looks like a rather dull place to live.

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