0 Russian Movie Industry: Mosfilm Studio

Russian Movie Industry: Mosfilm Studio

Posted on April 22, 2014 by tim


The “Mosfilm” studio is the largest cinema production in Europe. Today it is the only studio in Russia, which is fully consistent with international standards and provides a full film production cycle. There are 15 film studios , studio tone , apple garden, duplex ponds, park, museum, natural scenery opencast “Old Moscow”,  a hotel and much more located on the territory.

The Birthday of ” Mosfilm ” considered January 30, 1924 . Now it employs over 1,200 people and studio production capacity. It produces more than hundred films per a year.

The “Mosfilm” is located on the Mosfilmovskaya street, 1.

The territory of “Mosfilm is huge.  It is like city in the city with it’s own streets and traffic rules.

Filmmaker are creative people.

Studio 11

The building of sound studio.

There is a complex corridor system inside the pavilions

“Keep quiet. The camera is on”


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