8 Russian Army Has Landed on the Coast

Russian Army Has Landed on the Coast

Posted on April 20, 2014 by tim


…as part of a joint drill by the Russian Navy and the Navy Infantry. The drill included firing real shots, this time. As the official blog of the  Russian Far East Navy says: “We have an increase of the drills recently, and this one included the Navy Infantry.”



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8 Responses to “Russian Army Has Landed on the Coast”

  1. petrohof says:

    red nail polish? yes this is a very serious drill

  2. john says:

    stay safe out there.

  3. xyuH says:

    Many of these soldiers look fat. They may die of a heart attack if put in the real conditions

  4. Alexander Nevsky says:

    Who comes to us with a sword, shall perish by it!

  5. Froggy says:

    Some airborne squads seem to be all wearing Gorkas. Is that unit issue or private purchase ?

  6. tsapai says:

    New age russian-soviet-fashist state terrorists

  7. motherussia!! says:

    u american aholes should die go russia and russia only
    i love the new gear and equipment. GO RUSSIA AND PUTIN!!!!

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