3 A Guided Tour into the Museum of the TU Planes

A Guided Tour into the Museum of the TU Planes

Posted on April 20, 2014 by tim


The Design Bureau “Tu” was founded in 1922 by Andrei Tupolev. Since that time the bureau has developed about 300 projects of various types of aircrafts. Planes with the inscription “Tu” on board still carry passengers and are guarding the Russian borders. Come on a tour inside.


The bureau begins with the museum, where there are models of all of the aircraft that were designed here.

There are some models here that are not widely known.


In this hall there is a reconstruction of the interior of Andrei Tupolev’s working office. His personal stuff and awards are still kept here.

There are Tu-324, 334, 204, 204 SM and even some military aircraft here.

The Tu-324 – a short-haul passenger aircraft, which has been developed in the bureau since 1996 …

The cockpit layout of a Tu-204SM – a new modification of the 204th series.

The layout department shows the design of the cabin features of a Tu-204SM.

The workshop for static and dynamic tests.

Cabins of various modifications of civil and military aircrafts are placed here.

On the kinematics stand of the Tu-204SM, an electric drive for flaps and slats is tested by external forces.

 A green hydraulic pump, which  simulates the effects of the oncoming flow, is pictured in the left corner of the stand.

The size and power of the Tu-160 chassis have an effect on the tests.  At this stage of the testing, the original pneumatic tyres were replaced with wood so as to maintain the total weight.

At the stand of the front landing gear of a TU-160 there is a rink, which enables it to reproduce the necessary promotion of the tyres before the rack pulls off.

The cargo bay. At this stand the casement door is being testing.

This stand, with the chassis of a Tu-154, is conducting testing of the trolley in the case of the destruction of the front tyres.

The test shows that if this occurs for real, the plane is still able to make a successful landing.

Navigation simulator of a TU-204.

This new, full-size cabin simulator, with the ability to project on to the screen, is under construction.

The bureau has developed a set of proven approaches to solving various problems of creating aircraft during the years of its being, and today it is already developing promising new aviation products.


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