0 Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field

Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field

Posted on April 19, 2014 by tim

The Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant is the second largest company of iron production for the steel industry in Russia. The plant is based in Michael’s field, located 100 kilometers to the north of the city of Kursk. The volume of its proven reserves is more than 11 billion tons. Products of the Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant are iron pellets, iron ore concentrate (including dried), sinter ore, and blast furnace ore.


The ore field is huge and deep. It is inhabited by different machines.

Traction unit OPE1A pulls a laden rock train for unloading.

The traction unit consists of an electric locomotive and two diesel locomotives.

Something is wrong – there is a mechanic on the boom of the dredge.

Work on a huge scale. Everywhere something digs or explodes.

The opposite side is hardly visible.

A lot of BelAZ.

Drilling for the installation of wiring poles. Soon there will be another railway track.

Dredges are working in every part of the iron ore field.

Loading the train. The dredge and the train operators are communicating to each other by horns.

Dump-car is full. A few beeps and the train is shifted along one car.

The main pantograph is lowered. Only the lateral one is used because the wiring is shifted for easy loading of the ore into the cars.

BelAZ washer.  It was made from the same dumper. The water tank is located in the back.

The car to be washed is placing in front of it and the pump starts

Inside the cabin.

BelAZ’s base.

Here is all the heavy equipment involved at the mine.

The real size of a BelAZ.

Using a modified dump truck as a tow truck.

Spare parts.

The body is removed by a gantry crane.


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