4 Russian Army Alphabet

Russian Army Alphabet

Posted on April 17, 2014 by tim

It comes out there is a weapon named for almost every letter of the Russian alphabet. There are thirty different Russian letters and thirty different Russian weapon names starting with each unique letter.

“Akatsiya” (acacia) is a Soviet 152.4 mm self-propelled artillery vehicle.


“Buratino” (Pinnocchio) – a Heavy Flame Thrower System

“Vikhlop” (Exhaust) is a Russian bullpup, straight-pull bolt-action, magazine-fed sniper rifle chambered with the 12.7 x 55 mm subsonic round


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4 Responses to “Russian Army Alphabet”

  1. George says:

    Iodine is a weapon system?

  2. alessio215 says:

    lots of old school but very effective weapons.
    you forgot tomention the new Tzar bomba and
    pak fa those are new school.

    • Darius says:

      I think this list contains weapons that are or were accepted by the military and were production units. As far as I know the Tzar bomba was a prototype, a single unit. After the test it was deemed to be a too unpractical weapon therefore there were no more such high power (yield) bombs.
      Pak FA is doing well, but it still needs to pass the military acceptance tests.

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