4 Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

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Most people know what hormones are and why they are needed, but only a few people know exactly how the research of hormonal interactions in the human body is done. For obvious reasons, and due to the complexity of these kinds of experiments, they can not be conducted on human beings. That is why, in the second half of the century in most countries, special research institutes have been set up. Most of the necessary experiments are conducted on animals – rats, rabbits and primates.

One of such institutes was called “The USSR Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy”. There are a lot of rumors about the attempt to crossbreed humans and monkeys to create super-soldiers being done in this place.

Soviet posters for civil defense are painted with details of how and what to do in case of a total threat. They mention protection, evacuation points and other things.

Despite on the small chaos, many things are in their places. A large number of glassware and chemicals, tools – they crammed all the shelves.

Special chair for experimental monkeys.

A torsion balance, medical tools and logs from filing “Chemistry and Life”  scattered on laboratory tables.

A storage of reagents and the old Soviet computer-calculator with built-in cassette player.

“Vagothyl”, applications include fixing the erosion of the cervix, and it has antiprotozoal and antibacterial actions. This proves that they were engaged in reproductive experiments as well as issues of testing new drugs.

Some visiting cards.

Many reagents were supplied from abroad. For example, this pot with tartaric acid is from Switzerland.


These kinds of shelves that are laden with reagents and glass, are in every room.

Labels for products were marked with the radiation sign. Some of the names are 3H- testosterone (male sex hormone), 3H-progesterone (ovarian hormone), 3H-corticosterone (a hormone from the adrenal cortex) and others. These labels were designed for special jars with different hormonal solutions and the radiation icon indicates that it is a hormone with radioactive isotopes. Each solution has been flagged with a special marker for tracking its further effects on the body.

Imported laboratory mixer

A small library. It contains the set of scientific, technical and medical journals, books and encyclopedias.

Soviet computer-calculator.

One more imported device.

Alarming signs are glued onto some cabinets.

A photolab.

Cages for rabbits, bottles with silica gel and other reagents.

Radiola “Serenade” with Turntable.

Various drugs are scattered throughout. For example, “Profasi”. Indications for Admission: infertility due to anovulation.

Now when you drink some medicine or receive a vaccination you can imagine how it was tested.


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4 Responses to “Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab”

  1. Berty says:

    Can anyone read that document?

  2. James S says:

    Not cages for Rabbits. Cages for laboratory glassware..to carry it around..note the laboratory glassware inside and handle!!

  3. Lee E says:

    Well, at least it is shut down now. I hope the cretins who worked there all died a painful and slow death. Just what they deserved. Assholes.

  4. jim says:

    Bert: yes, anyone can read that document, feel free, there is no law you will break

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