28 A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

Posted on April 14, 2014 by tim

Today in Gorlovka, Ukraine, close to Donetsk city, people have stormed a police office. It is being reported that a few hundred people participated, mostly dressed in sportswear and wearing masks on their faces. They threatened policemen with death if they don’t surrender, a Russian news website reports. After they got into the building, a few policemen were beaten and a British journalist, Paxton, got his camera seized.


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28 Responses to “A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine”

  1. Andy Studebaker says:

    I can understand taking over the cop shop, after Kiev threats, but do not understand the vandalism. Russians do not need to lower themselves to the level of the Maidanists. And why beat up a policeman -maybe someone settling a score? The guys appear to be ordinary citizens, not even with shields – I didn’t see “uniforms without badges”. Even a woman or two. Why destroy the press guy’s camera? Makes no sense, especially since someone else clearly got these photos.
    But I sympathize with the Russian E. Ukraine – they had to endure weeks of the Maidan catastrophe, the USA cheering on the nazis, and now have no government! Maybe US Blackwater terrorists in Gorlivka? Doubtful, and they would not be in the police HQ. Not secure.
    This tragedy is playing out by the hour, with the ugly fingerprints of Kerry/Obama/McCain all over it. Putin has acted with remarkable restraint – that may end soon.

    • Billy says:

      Seriously Andy? Nazis? You’ll have to show us where the Ukrainians killed 25 million Russians. Here is a hint. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers, have fought many battles together. Many of the Platoon level sergeants and drill instructors in the Russian army have been Ukrainian. They fought and died together in Chech, Dag, Afghanistan. We have brother on brother here, that is why it is so sad.

    • Bobb says:

      Troll. Putin=Hitler look at Poland 1939, it is exactly the same as this.

      • Billy says:

        Bobb, get educated, Russia does not have the military strength to do what Hitler did. They are not ready for prime time yet. They are getting there. The invasion of Georgia showed their short comings in weapons, and above all, command and control. Those have been slowly been corrected. They are not there yet.

        • na says:

          check your facts first, billy bobs. It was confirmed that Saakashvili’s Georgia started the conflict first as a false flag operation -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgian%E2%80%93Ossetian_conflict. Unless you are just another neocon or simply a victim of western journalism, surely you must know that Saakashvili is now living in states- coincidence? Every conflict on earth you will find one way or another states attempt to install someone who will obey corporate plutocrats. And precisely the opposite about the shortcomings, sire, this was supposed to show the weakness of Russia to other neighbour states, but proved otherwise. Neither does Russia have any plans similar to hitler, stop demonizing, putins plans may be to integrate former ussr countries and by no means he will threaten anyone, he’s smarter than your cowboy hillbilly tactics of neocons.

          • Billy says:

            Really? Your getting your facts from Wikipedia na? Well being the hill billy necon that you think I am, I’ll be a suck egg mule. Georgia was a test, and was incredibly useful for the Russian military. Here is wiki does not tell you. Russia took out more of it’s own people and planes than Georgia did. It showed how far they had to go. Why do you think Putin has put so much in his military since then? It that a coinky-dink??

      • Kyle says:

        Wow your very ignorant about history. If your comparing this to Hitler and Poland then U.S is a thousands times worst because invaded Kosovo, still occupy the country and split it from Serbia. Then U.S invasion of Libya, Iraq and so on.

        • jason p says:

          Umm…. Yeah … We never invaded Kosovo.. bomb yes invade no. In Libya it was the French who carried out air strikes and succeded. Again we did not invade Libya. Yes we invaded Iraq killed Sudan and we left. We built schools houses showed them how to fight and then left. If you fail to see how this resembles Hitler and the start of ww2 then you are ignorant to history

    • George says:

      So, in your opinion, the Ukraine isn’t a sovereign country? It’s part of russia?
      Here’s a hint for you. It’s only “part of russia”, because russia INVADED IT years ago. They FINALLY got their own country back, and now russia, wants it back.
      Under your “logic”, they could do the same thing to Any number of old soviet bloc countries.
      Wow, are you just misinformed or WHAT!?

      And here’s another clue for you. barrack hussine bin obama, kerry, and john mclame, don’t have the BRAINS to set something like this up!! You’re blaming this on the most incompetent idiots we’ve had in decades! mclame, isn’t even of the same party as those other two! Man, you’re not misinformed, you’re just stupid.

      • NA says:

        George, russia INVADED ukraine years ago? Which year? And to answer your question about sovereignty of Ukraine- my argument wasnt about sovereignty or independence, my argument was that Russia is the closest brother to Ukraine than US or EU. Trust me. I know because I was born in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine and while living abroad for 20 years, we have much closer understanding with our russian borthers than we have with people like you who seem to represent Washington with your skewed facts. Also you should focus on fixing problems in your country rather than look for ways to fume your hate on someone else and create wars in other countries to live off of. Hate is counterproductive, my dear friend.

      • MAXDMG says:

        Invaded? 1100 years when they started the unification of the Russian principalities? Learn the history of independent Ukraine only 23 years before she always was a part of Russia, Imperial Russia and the USSR.

  2. Andy Studebaker says:

    Oh, the blue lettering says – Nowhere to Retreat –
    Donbass For Us, and on the right God With Us.

  3. Richard S. says:

    This is getting pretty bad.

  4. jeebs says:

    If these people wish for Russia so bad why not just go .

    • George says:

      Because that’s not how it works. Just like liberals in the US that was some form of communism/marxism/socialism, they never leave. People that LOVED the USA immigrated here because they wanted to be part of it. But people like the liberals, NEVER want to leave to go somewhere they agree with.

      Socialism, ALWAYS comes at you at the point of a gun, if you don’t want to be part of it.

      It’s just how they are, forcing THEIR beliefs off on you. They’re control freaks. They will never leave, it’s always YOU that must leave, if you can. Or die.

  5. Billy says:

    This is going to get ugly. This thing is going to go asymmetrical.

  6. Dag says:

    Russia had Ukraine when USSR nothing changed USA and others need to mind own businesses.

    • Jason P says:

      why is it no big deal that russia wants ukraine? what if people of ukraine dont want to be part of russia? from what all these pro russian small minded people say about how ukraine was once part of russia so no big deal i gather you plan on taking Alaska back too. or the islands you took from japan after ww2 will be given back because the once belonged to japan.

      the baltic states that are part of nato where once part of the ussr russia going to go take them back too?

      • MAXDMG says:

        Only on the Maidan people against Russia, and it 0.01 percent from all over Ukraine. What is happening in the Southeast just shows how many people in Ukraine at least loyal to Russia.

    • jeebs says:

      You know what your right everyone should just mind their own business while a country know for killing and starving million can walk all over Ukraine ok.

  7. Dag says:

    In Ukraine they speak Russian not some other language and do not see why all the fuss. If Russia wants the Ukraine then it is Russias business.

  8. The Stegosaur says:

    Pro-Russians, always so peaceful.

  9. Jan says:

    I wonder when NATO will start supporting the Russian speaking minority in Ukraine by bombing roads, bridges, hospitals and military objects like they did in Serbia. Or will they support the Ukrainian army as they did in Croatia 1995 when ten thousands fled the country to Serbia? Or will they support the separatists like they did in Bosnia, leaving the country in ruins. Or perhaps the US government will invade the country as the did in Iraq, killing thousands civilians. Or will they use force to overthrow the government in Ukraine as the try to do in Syrie…I am still wondering….

    • MAXDMG says:

      Russia will not allow to do such on its borders. But the U.S. can’t do anything with the Russian Federation.

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