7 Tu-154 and IL-86 Russian Planes from Inside

Tu-154 and IL-86 Russian Planes from Inside

Posted on April 13, 2014 by tim

Two planes  – TU-154 and Il-86. These were two of the most popular passenger planes in the USSR. They made tens of flights each day from Russia to other countries and tens of national flights as well. What are they in detail and what do they hold inside?

The Tu-154 was developed in the late 1960s to replace the outdated Tu-104, AN-10 and IL-18

This is three motored turbojet aircraft for medium-haul lines

The Tu-154M modification operated since 1984, and was produced until 2012.

The main landing gear equipped with disc brakes and cooling fans. During the flight, the landing gear retracted into special gondolas on the wings.

At the rear of the aircraft there is an economy class cabin with about a hundred seats.

Designation of the seats in the rows

The passenger control panel is for three seats.

A shelf for hand luggage

In the last section there is the phone for internal emergency communication.

In the right and left of the tail cabin, emergency exits are located.

There are inflatable slides near the exits.

 The toilets are in the rear part of the plane.

The toilets interior.

Between the salons of economy and business class, there is another pair of exits.

A kitchen.

Steward’s seats.

In business class there are much more comfortable seats, there are folding tables hidden in the arms.

The interior is decorated with two tapestries with images of Moscow.

There is a hidden invisible button of a panic alarm that a flight attendant can press with their heel in the case of a terrorist threat.

Behind the pilot seats is a seat for the flight engineer. At the bottom left, the knobs for the engines and levers to stop the engine are visible.

Dashboard view from the co-pilot’s seat.

The dashboard console.

Aircraft commander’s panel and radar.

Radio communications panel.

Shabby wheel with a headset hanging on it.

The IL

IL-86 is the first and most massive Soviet widebody airliner designed by Ilyushin in the 1970s.

The aircraft has four NK-86 engines that deliver up to 13 tonnes of thrust.

The engines were a weak point of the aircraft and because of the inability to modernize them, they had to develop the IL-96

The steering nose landing gear.

It is a double-decker plane. The entrance is on the lower deck, and they are equipped with folding ladders.

To get to the cabin, passengers had to climb up one of the three internal ladders.

This plane had three Economy class passenger cabins, it was designed for 350 seats

Shelves for hand luggage.

Unlike modern airliners, IL-86 did not have luggage racks above the middle rows.

In the back of a seat is an air conditioner and folding tables

Emergency exits for foreign airports (which have high ladders) are part of the equipment. In each door is mounted an inflatable emergency chute.

6 toilets are in the back part of the plane.

Another toilet interior. This one is near the cockpit.

A kitchen was in the middle of the cabin.

Shipping containers for food from the lower deck were moved by two elevators.

After going down on the elevator, there is a kitchen.

Hatch for loading food.

A large luggage compartment.

The remaining space in the lower deck is occupied by compartments with equipment.

A spacious cockpit.

The radio operator’s position.

Dashboard of the flight engineer.

Pilot’s panel.

The place of the aircraft commander.

 The dials.

Everything is lit.


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7 Responses to “Tu-154 and IL-86 Russian Planes from Inside”

  1. Mandea says:

    Nice aeroplanes, I would love to fly on some of this type. Did you notice the word “stewardess”? It seems Russians have come to speak English more natural than native speakers; in America and the rest of the western world this word is forbidden, due to the mass madness of “political correctness”.

  2. George says:

    Does nobody else see the irony of seating for different classes on an old soviet airplane?

  3. Douglas says:

    All governments are very concerned with enforcing class rules….not eliminating them. The Soviet era was all about having very rigid class separation. The rich elite sit in nice big seats and the poor sit in little seats. These are the rules of all societies worldwide.

  4. B says:

    So awesome, thanks for these pictures. The good ol USSR how i wish i could teavel in time

  5. Sergei says:

    No, because government officials could fly first or business class.

  6. Lumpy Gravy says:

    There’s an interesting article about the TU-154 on an airliner modelling web site in which the author likens the Boeing 727 to a Fiat Seicento in comparison to the Tupolev’s Ferrari …


    … cool!

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