19 First Open Fire in Ukraine East

First Open Fire in Ukraine East

Posted on April 13, 2014 by tim




You might have heard that there has been some sort of unrest in Eastern Ukraine. While not going into detail about who is doing what, for what reason and with what purpose, here are the first photos of casualties of the war, from the Instagram of the witnesses. The multiple cases of gunshots and fire were reported today (April 13th) in Slavyansk, Ukraine. They say that even a BTR (APC) was used in the attacks.




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19 Responses to “First Open Fire in Ukraine East”

  1. jeebs says:

    The Ukrainians holding on to Ukraine, no wrong doing here.

  2. CZenda says:

    According to the latest news, it is Russian speaking Somali pirates wearing Russian uniforms and driving Russian vehicles with Russian plates are operating in the area. Only nazis call them Russians, of course.

  3. Eurasian says:

    I don’t care who is doing this, clearly it has to stop. This harms common good, the well-being and the well-intentioned business both in the “East”, in the “West” and especially between “East” and “West”.

  4. andy studebaker says:

    American mercenaries? Wouldn’t doubt it. Gives the Kiev
    junta great denability. Ditto USA, “Oh we don’t know anything, we have no control over Blackwater or who hires
    whom to do what.”

  5. petrohof says:

    i think for a long time many people have little regard for the law or for the correct and civilized way of life. if you want something just take it. this, in the long run will be a very bad desicion on russia’ part.

  6. Froggy says:

    Can someone help me :

    a) When the Ukrainian Berkut police fires on the crowd holding barricades in Kiev it is a crime.

    b) When the Ukrainian Army fires on the crowd holding barricades in Slovyansk, it is not a crime but justified “anti-Terrorist” and quite OK ?

    I am very confused there …

    • alosza says:

      “Ukrainian Berkut police” – LOL

      Go back to sleep…

    • Darius says:

      Now you are confusing everyone. Where and when in Slovyansk did the Ukranian Army until this day has open fire at the CROWD? The only video of the fire I saw in Slovyansk was when the pro-Russian special forces storm with gun fire the police station. And there is a report where 3 persons have killed the 10 armed pro-Russian city entrance checkpoint guards. Also there are reports of pro-Russian people organizing into groups that are both against the “Kiev people” but that are also against the armed pro-Russian groups that are not locals (some arrived from Krimea). There are also now civil people groups, armed people from the former Berkut (Ukrainian police SWAT), armed former Soviet Afgan war veterans, reports of Russian GRU and maybe some other groups with their own interest… A big big mess…

      • Froggy says:

        My understanding is that as early as sunday 13th Ukrainian army units open fire on separatists in Slovyansk. Two fatal casualties including a Ukrainian Captain. I believe those pictures on EnglishRussia were taken after that very gun-fight.

        Now, pushed by the CIA Director John Brennan who visit Kiev over the W-E, the Ukrainian Army using T80 tanks and Mil 24 attack helicopters have indeed open fire on partialy light armed civilians “militia”…

        So I repeat my question :

        a) When the Ukrainian Berkut police fires on the crowd holding barricades in Kiev it is a crime.

        b) When the Ukrainian Army fires on the crowd holding barricades in Slovyansk, it is not a crime and the US State Department actually support the shooting of demonstrators ?

        Double standards anyone ?

        • Darius says:

          Well, let me correct you a bit. In that case was no crowd. The day before or so the pro-Russian forces stormed the local police station with fire at those police officers who fired back. There is a video of this in Internet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdd5LX2T69U. BTW the people that try to stop them – they say they are locals (Afganistan war veterans and paratroopers) and they say that they do control the situation so that there is no need to storm the police station.
          Then the Ukrainian special unit was on approach to that location. But they were met with fire at and lost one member of that group and several were injured. There were no reports of losses on the pro-Russian side. Clearly both sides are military professionals who know what they do else it would be a different type of firefight, and many more losses.

          • Froggy says:

            Make no mistake Darius, I am neither “pro” nor “anti” russian, so thanks for your comments.

            I did look at video clips and I disagree that the pro-Russian group that took the police stations are as you say “military professionals”.

            They are merely of a good FIBU basic level.
            Ex servicemen ? Probably .
            Current Russian SF as claimed by the US ambassador to the UN ? Certainly not, and to claim so is an obvious & grotesque propaganda lie.

            Now, is it appropriate to deploy heavy armour to kick-out some civilians supported by couple of veterans lightly armed ?
            I let you judge.

        • Darius says:

          UPS, that was a link to a short video. Here I the full video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivO9nSRrfuY

        • The Stegosaur says:

          So where are the casualties? Can’t see any in the photos, unless the cars were demonstrating on their own. Just lies, lies and more lies.

  7. bob says:

    Western influence is about to turn this area into a war zone ! Iran is on the “West’s” list for the near future.Syria is under control for now….

  8. Dag says:

    usa need to mind own business

  9. ae says:

    C’MON, If there are Pro-Russian special forces?
    there will be tanks, btr-s and Anti tank missiles,Modern small arms…
    Only i can see are Poorly armed Ethnic Russian Youngsters with hunting rifles and some rusty kalashnikov’s and A lot of granny’s behind baricades!

  10. Strelok says:

    no matter how escalated the situation is in Ukrain,there´s still a place for some product placement. Suprsingly it´s a great american instititution called McDonalds. I LOVE IT!

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