18 Astrakhan after Some Rain

Astrakhan after Some Rain

Posted on April 13, 2014 by tim

Sometimes it’s rainy in Astrakhan. As a person from Astrakhan says, the city lacks drains so even small amounts of rain might turn the city into Venice after only one hour. Well, to me its not Venice at all, but you might want to take a look. Also most of the photos in the article can be clicked for a bigger size (if such a size is available).


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18 Responses to “Astrakhan after Some Rain”

  1. barry trotter says:

    Dog taking a piss in the window in the first pic.

    Stay classy Russia.

  2. Jason P says:

    I respect pictures like this. They really show what other parts of the world are like. But i have to say that i dont think the rain was the devastating part of these photos. you have people dressed nice and drive fairly modern cars yet, the buildings and streets are awful.

    and where did the hummer come from? the hummer seems to “American” for that far east

    • Nik says:

      To be fair, the entire city isn’t like this. The centre is very nice and modern. It’s the outskirts that are run down, unfortunately.

    • Darius says:

      That is the paradox. The US there despised for some things, but many would like to drive big jeeps, even if made in US. The funny thing is that some businesses add some buzzwords in English to the Russian text (menus, announcements) to sound more “cool”.

      • CZenda says:

        Inferiority complex. BTW, it is quite possible that the Jeeps were made in Austria and stolen in EU, maybe they are not imported from USA at all.

  3. andy studebaker says:

    Tucson, Arizona after monsoon rain in June. Parts of Seattle.
    I loved the local architecture, even if it does need some TLC.
    Dreary piles of old snow indicate typical end of winter mud and weather. Peeing dog in window first class! Stay
    individualistic, Russia!

    • Zrcalo says:

      I can attest to arizona looking like this! I reside in a poor neighbourhood in phoenix. Many of the houses here look as bad or worse than the ones in these pictures. MANY of them. Its not a small percentile. also my house floods very bad during the monsoon. lol. we just decide not to have flooring!

  4. Dag says:

    Russia spend more money on weapons than on infrastructure that is depressing place.

  5. john says:

    I feel bad for the people.

  6. You says:

    Americans thinking you’re better somehow? Your society is absolute shit and thanks to you it’s like that in Russia now. Ironically, Russians are still more ‘free’.
    Enjoy the media brainwashing while the U.S government spies on every single one of you dumb ass yanks and your cops literally shoot innocent people and get away with it. Not to mention drone bombings of foreign nations and countless other war crimes the U.S is responsible for.
    No, there’s no winners here so drop your ‘superior’ attitude because you really do seem like the dumbest country in the world and your stupidity is literally destroying it.

  7. jason p says:

    Better some how? Funny how every other country puts us on The pedestal and then blames us for being there. Cops shooting innocent people? Where do you get that from? You make it sound like the cops use people as target practice. Please provide proof of this happening. Not just one inncedent. Media brainwashing… Funny coming from Russia.. most news stations in the USA don’t talk about Russia unless is sanctions or the Ukraine unrest Russia is causeing but it is still less than 30% of our news. In russia over 70% is anti west crap. So who is brainwashing who? And you are more free how? If you say anything bad about Putin you go to jail. Russia passed a law to put protesters in jail.. hate to say it but if Russia keeps it up more sanctions will happen and the eu will stop paying for natural gas.. I don’t want this but if you act like a 19th century country you can live like one also.

    • Zrcalo says:

      Where in the US do you live??? Cops beat innocent people, draw guns on them, shoot them. There are neo nazi rallies, laws against certain races, etc. America has many many laws to put protesters in jail. I was peppersprayed and chased down by police helicopters while protesting. I live in the US! Russia is more free than here! None of this was on the news! The american news doesnt want you to hear of it’s mistakes!
      google search:
      phoenix neo nazi march
      ALEC protests

  8. To the yankee says:

    Doesnt the yankees know that the rest of the world is making fun of them? All of us laughting at you. And I’m being serious, no anti-wast crap here in Europe and still if you ask anyone on the street “which country is dummest” they’ll answer USA saying “also the most obese”. You just cant be taken seriously.

    • jason p says:

      heres the thing yanks don’t really care what the world thinks of them. we do what we do like it or not. we don’t need other countries kissing our feet to exist. we don’t need countries to fear us. we know other countries fear us we know our military is second to none and we know we have a awful president. as far as the obese comment.. lol digging deep for insults aren’t you? obese is considered what? 15 pounds over weight? I don’t know where you live but I can say I proudly live in the USA and the state is Massachusetts. I am not embarrassed to say this where do you live? I would love to tour the world but I will always live in the USA and proud of it

      • To the yankee says:

        Maybe that is what is wrong with ‘murica, being arrogant about everything and being proud of something solely shit. I’m from Finland but cuz I aint no arrogant patriot like you, I dont see a reason to preach how proud I’m about it, even though I have all the reasons to be proud unlike you.

      • Zrcalo says:

        We have one of the most amazing presidents the US has ever seen. Hopefully we will not become fanatic nationalists like the republican party wants to paint us as. We need to get our heads out of the clouds and look around and see how terribly awful our country is, and how horrible we treat our own people.
        We care so much about materialistic things that we’re cutting the throats of our children and grandchildren. We dont care about anything but ourselves and we glorify ourselves and wallow in our own sea of materialistic trash like the hoarders we are.

        Americans need to wake up and realize that the world doesnt revolve around them, and to put their guns down and threats off the table. They’re the bully in the world. A big dumb lumbering bully.

  9. sinan says:

    I would much rather live here than the US. I saw both countries, in the US masses are uneducated, all the suburbs are the same, dead boring. Russia is poor but there are much more to do.

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