0 The Ussuri Observatory

The Ussuri Observatory

Posted on April 12, 2014 by tim

The Ussuri Astrophysical Observatory Institute is pride of Primorsky District. This year the famous “Sun Service” celebrates its anniversary. The first pictures of the solar surface in the village Gornotaezhnaya were received in March of 1954. More than half a century it does not stop observing celestial bodies. Over time, the Observatory has undergone significant changes, experienced good and bad years. Now Sun Service receives new equipment by the expense of customers research on celestial bodies.

Home of observatory’s  first director is near it. He’s not in the best shape, but it is waiting for repair. The history is cherished here, no matter what

Job is proceeding on two main themes – surveillance of solar activity and the objects of the night sky. They had recently purchased several telescopes. All of them are computerized, which makes possible to work with them remotely. At the station a few people who live in Ussuriysk and observation however, lead. There’s even a co-worker who remotely monitors data from the Russian telescope in Mexico

Sun Service has several optical instruments for monitoring solar activity and the night sky, three radio telescopes, geomagnetic station, weather station, Geophysical robot to track content of aerosols in the air. All this “wealth” serves thirty people

 Also observatory develops a new theme for observation. It is about asteroids and space debris. Subject of asteroids is very important, there are a lot of among them that have a deep orbit. Simply speaking, one can collide with the Earth

Three new asteroids were opened during this year

The new telescope, the largest we have, allows observation of objects before the twentieth magnitude. It’s pretty high penetrating power. It has a lens diameter of 65 cm and a focal length of 130 cm. GPS-module is integrated, good CCD. It transmits the data to a computer

You need to know about everything that flies in space, to monitor the evolution of the orbits. A sore subject now is space debris. Now in space about a thousand aircraft. Some of them have already developed their resources and are being destroyed gradually

That is why the orbit of the International Space Station is corrected often. However, if it will go on like this, in the coming years, the near space would be impervious to the launch of new aircraft

New telescope will conduct observations of the Sun with taking into account a variety of factors, including weather and the position of the moon. In 15 minutes telescope receives accurate maps of the distribution of weak magnetic fields across the solar disk. This is important, since all the solar processes is somehow connected with the magnetic fields. With this telescope they can predict a flash and storms

Photos of the  Sun in white light are make by using Coude-refractor company “Carl Zeiss”. It was installed at the station in 1982. But the German optics still produces good pictures of the solar surface

All equipment is connected to the monitors in a special room. There the data is read, processed and recorded. When the weather does not allow to work with optical instruments, observations are made by radio telescopes

They take the integral flux of the entire solar disk at a wavelength of 10 cm. and the data is transmitted to recorders and digitized with the help of computers.Then it depends on the amount and size of sunspots. The more so than their the stream is stronger. Different wavelengths allows to calculate flash and their strength and distribution

Nevertheless, nobody can say exactly that one of the next asteroids which will be flying near the Earth will not dangerous. The same is possible to say about a solar flare


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