3 Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Posted on April 12, 2014 by tim

In Russia, today (April 12th) is known as “The Cosmonautics Day”, as on 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space. TV stations are usually airing something connected with space exploration and we post here a film strip for high school children made back in 1983. I didn’t have any idea that they had taken panoramic shots of the surface of Venus as far back as the early 1980s.

“This film strip is to educate students on the achievements of the last five years of Soviet cosmonautics”.

“Building space stations – a highway for the development of Soviet cosmonautics”

“For five days, four cosmonauts worked on board the scientific research complex, consisting of a space station and two space ships”

“Then a new complex was built, which included a cargo ship.”

“First international crew USSR/Czechoslovakia”

“140 days spent in space by Kovalenok and Ivanchenko. They have been visited two times by international crews and three times by cargo ships”.

Klimuk and Germashevskiy, a second international crew, USSR and Poland. They spent 7 days on the station.

A third international crew. USSR and Eastern Germany.

The next long term expedition to the space station lasted 175 days. Lyahov and Ryumin arrived in 1979 and were visited three times by cargo ships.


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3 Responses to “Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip”

  1. alessio says:

    oh thank you so much e Russia team; I really like the “Russian space age Nostalgija !” i hope you have also old Mars pictures from that era, since NASO doesn’t reveals all the interesting discoveries,

  2. tamtam says:

    The Soviet space crews were alot more diverse than I thought. They had astronauts from Mongolia, Cuba, and Vietnam on the crews!

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