3 Kaindi  the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Kaindi the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Posted on April 12, 2014 by tim

Kaindi is a mountain lake in Kazakhstan. It is said that it was formed after a natural disaster in the area which blocked the entrance to this canyon and the mountain river has filled the place with water. The forest that was growing in the canyon got covered by the water. Even after a hundred years the forest is still standing in the lake.

The name Kaindi translates as “Birches” from the Kazakh language.

They say the lake is remarkable for the color of its water


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3 Responses to “Kaindi the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees”

  1. Risu says:

    What an amazing place! So beautiful!

  2. john says:

    A beautiful, and interesting place.

  3. Peter Thompson says:

    what a wonderful place of unspoiled beauty.

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