12 Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

Posted on April 11, 2014 by tim

The Soviet photographer Schekoldin was taking photos of people in the USSR. As it is was reported in the article, he was taking his photos but was not publishing them as they for sure were different from the propaganda photos of that time. In the interview Schekoldin describes his style as “soc. cretinism – socialistic cretinism”. “It was my reaction to the official propaganda, for the brainwashing.”




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12 Responses to “Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer”

  1. Kropotkin says:

    And in a few moments, we will have right wing fascist Americans telling former Soviets how terrible the USSR was and how they are all wrong for actually enjoying their lives and social safety nets because they didn’t have a new Iphone every year and how the USSR magically killed billions of people while Capitalism is entirely free and pure (ignoring the billion or so that die for preventable illness and malnutrition in Capitalist states every decade)

    • Dag says:

      During 1932-33 Stalin (under wonderful communism) starved out 10 million people. That is quite a safety net you talk of… In case you did not know communism has exterminated over 100+ MILLION in the past 80 years…

      • Andy Studebaker says:

        Americans have not “killed 100 million people” yet, but we are working on it. We certainly have made that many lives
        more miserable, with our wars, which might be worse in some ways.
        Stalin , who was not a Russian, (nor was his chief henchman Beria) was a psycopathic schizophrenic, clearly mentally ill. He had great deniability. It is doubtful that he “personally” killed anyone. But his blue pencil was death.
        I have often wondered if he had Lenin killed. Lenin warned about Stalin in 1923.

        • Slaven says:

          Very possible he killed Lenin as well. Lenin wanted for Trotsky who was the father of the Red Army to succeed him. It is thought that Stalin almost surely killed Lenins wife. He also murdered all of the Old bolsheviks except 2 of them.

  2. Kropotkin says:

    Also before Cult of Personality, I don’t see Russians going around carving the heads of their leaders into mountains and painting their leaders as literal gods on the roof of their Capitol building and holding up the ramblings of people 300 years ago as sacred truth.
    You cry about Lenin using hard Labor? Your founding fathers used, sold, tortured and killed actual slaves personally on their own estates.

  3. MAXDMG says:

    And why 4 photo from the middle of 2000, while the rest is clearly from the 50s and 60s?

  4. Dag says:

    The miracle of communism everyone sharing misery equally.

    • Ivanoff says:

      Some things in this world are priceless. I am proud to have been bourn in the USSR! Life was far from perfect, but people had certain values back then that are commonly lacking in modern “westernised societies”. Greed and materialism will not make you happy.

  5. Andy Studebaker says:

    Unposed photos are always the best, no matter where from. Thanks, ER!

  6. Alex says:

    Ok, go on! Stalin killed 100 billion people! May be even 100000000000 trillion!!!

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