2 Abandoned Nuclear Physics Lab in Rostov-on-Don

Abandoned Nuclear Physics Lab in Rostov-on-Don

Posted on April 10, 2014 by tim

This Nuclear Physics Lab is a typical lab which was built in the USSR. Every lab had is own investigation program, and according to the curtain of secrecy, nobody could get inside them.

This lab was operating until the 1990s

The power station is on the left. Ahead there is a cryogen station, and the lab is on the right


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2 Responses to “Abandoned Nuclear Physics Lab in Rostov-on-Don”

  1. frank says:

    Monster spider. Yellow tree. Nope, no radiation leak at all. :)

    • Papa Karlo says:

      It’s not a tree, it’s some kind of fence post or lamp post painted yellow. Typical example of a Soviet paint job, by the way – they love to paint everything over and over, without ever removing old paint. Everything in Russia used to be painted like this: buildings, fences, even buses and street cars. Even today they paint for example many bus shelters exactly this way.

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