2 Russian Natural Gas Extraction

Russian Natural Gas Extraction

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How does natural gas go from fields in the far eastern island Sakhalin to the system of gas pipeline ” Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok “?
The deposits of the Sakhalin shelf are main resource base.The Kirinskoye field has reserves at about 162.5 billion cubic meters of gas and 19.1 million tons of gas condensate . The system of gas transportation had started to work in  October 2013 when the first portion of the test gas was injected to the gas pipeline system ” Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok .” The projected level of gas production is 5.5 billion cubic meters per year.
The peculiarity of this field  is under water. All equipment is located at the bottom  at a depth of 90 meters. In Russian practice this method of extraction is used for the first time . Now let’s follow the path of the gas from the field to the end user.

On the first photo you see the complex on the beach. A pipe length which streched into the Okhotsk Sea is 29 kilometers.

This buildings belong to the Processing Facility

 From the onshore processing facility the gas pipeline crosses almost the entire island from east to west and reaches the compressor station, which already produces gas in the gas pipeline to Vladivostok.

Incredibly beautiful and difficult terrain. There is a road to the Onshore course, but it long enough. Helicopter and cross-country vehicle are the main means of transportation.

Severe the Okhotsk Sea. Sunny wheather doesn’t mean it is warm. A maximum air temperature plus 11-15 degrees and a cold wind is blowing often. A water temperature, on it’s peak is 10 degrees!

By the way, the Coast Technical Complex is designed to work with three fields of gas.

One of the most interesting and unusual structures at a pipeline from the field to the compressor station is a bridge over the river Nabil

Near the river is an active tectonic fault. Here pipeline comes to the surface and passes through a special bridge to the other side. The total length of the bridge overhead is about 360 meters. In total, it were made ​​more than 10 water crossings.

The video of pipeline was making during our fly. This was made to inspect potential problems.

The length of pipeline from the complex to the compressor station is 145 km.

The pipeline to the Sakhalin island (it is a region with high seismic activity) has gone through four areas of active tectonic faults and also along marshland (more than 60% of the territory)

Nevertheless all the difficulties the pipeline is built and ready to use

A worker goes to the up of the connection tower.

A look at the compressor station with a bird’s-eye view.

The largest water barrier at the far screen shows to dispatcher The Nevelsky Strait. Here are the shortest distance (about 7.3-7.5 kilometers) between the island and the mainland. Through the Strait the gas comes to the mainland and then goes in the district of Vladivostok. In general, the pipeline route crosses more than 400 water barriers  in Sakhalin and in the mainland. All underwater areas has  backup higher strength pipe.

An incoming gas would be cleaned to protect the compressor station equipment from premature wear. This is done by the cyclone.

 This equipment is designed for a 9-magnitude earthquake, on each support worth seismic sensors. Another system of monitorinig was made ​​along the route. In the case of shock it is immediately clear where and what were offset

Now “Sakhalin” has two gas compressor unit with a capacity of 16 MWt each – they enable the pipeline to pump 6 billion cubic  meters of gas per year.

A lot modern solutions inside.

The compressor’s cooler

A magnetic suspensions for the compressor.

This engine  turns the compressor. In fact, it is like a aviation turbine, but it works on gas

Power station for the complex

A gas powered internal combustion engine – works like diesel engine

This feature is designed for severe winter conditions – engine compartment heaters for cars.

The heart of the pipeline is a main compressor station

Here the gas is piping from all fields to go further in gas pipeline

Field camp in the village of Val

Here will be one of the thirteen compressor stations, which will be built later while gas supplies would be increased.

A chamber for receiving and start clearing devices. They called “scrapers”, “pig” or “pigs.”  A flaw is also launching here

One of the three gas distribution stations in Khabarovsk.

Khabarovsk’s regional dispatching

The main objective of Gas Distribution Station is to reduce the gas pressure to be able to submit it in a low-pressure systems of end users. In the photo you can see the node reduction, where this process occurs. “In process”- the plate says

There the gas could be called “delivered to the end users”.


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