14 People Continue Findings World War 2 Bits and Pieces

People Continue Findings World War 2 Bits and Pieces

Posted on April 8, 2014 by tim

Even sixty nine years after World War II ended for Russia, things remaining from its events can be found in the Russian ground. Getting a metal detector can yield one something like this on these pictures. I wonder if someone has started a travel company for history lovers from other companies to come to Russia, get their metal detector and wander in the fields to dig things out, as the dates on photos as recent as March and April 2014, which can give a clue that things continue to be coming in bulk.



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14 Responses to “People Continue Findings World War 2 Bits and Pieces”

  1. Richard S. says:

    Wow! UXOs.Very dangerous!

  2. Doug says:

    Looks like fun. Digging up old grenades, land-mine fuses, and mortar rounds. o_O Don’t mind me, I’ll just stand over ——>there

    • John says:

      Tell me about it.

      Unless there’s something here I don’t understand these people are being very stupid.

      My father, about 15 years after the war dug up an old grenade and threw it as soon as he pull the pin and luckily it didn’t blow up immediately but much sooner than it was supposed to, due to the deteriorated fuse.

      • Froggy says:

        I find your story very very hard to imagine …. One thing is sure, it is hard to have a more stupid attitude toward UXO than your dad’s one . I assume he was a child at the time but it sounds like he is lucky to be alive.

  3. Froggy says:

    The T.Mi Z35 is in an amazing condition !

  4. Berty says:

    Very nice, not sure I would be to excited to dig up unexploded shells though!

  5. George says:

    I would hope that stuff is inactive by now. Yikes.
    i know the bullets would have gone bad from getting wet, but I don’t know about the explosives in the mortar shells.

  6. alsm says:

    Actually they are searching for the corpses of Russian (and German) soldiers to bury them as it should be.

    • CZenda says:

      Knowing Russkies, I suspect they are searching for EKs to sell on eBay.

      • MAXDMG says:

        No, this will then start identifying soldiers and burial with military honors.

      • Froggy says:

        No doubts there are “poachers”, Russian & westerners, but do you actually understand how truly stupid your comment is ??

        Because actually, thanks to the co-operation between the Russian authorities & the German grave commissions 1’000’s of families have been able to ID & bury their dead back in German soil.

        • CZenda says:

          Come on, you know I am right no matter how angry it makes you. Just for the hell of it – where do you think all those HALVED WH dog tags, badges etc. showing signs of damage caused by earth come from? These are openly sold e.g. in St. Petersburg and I know they are genuine.

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