3 A Museum of Jets Used in Air Defense

A Museum of Jets Used in Air Defense

Posted on April 7, 2014 by tim


Some shots from the museum of the jets that had been used in air defense. The author says that the museum had a really tough time surviving after the collapse of the USSR, and a few times they received offers to sell the museum, but the commanders of the air force base insisted on saving the museum.

Landing gear of MIG-23M

Su – 27

Yak 25

Mig 19C

Mig – 21

Su – 15

Mig 23 M

Mig 23 M too

And also MIG 23m, its gear.

Mig 25

Su 15 UM

The oldest jet in the museum – a Mig 15 from 1949.

Mig 19

Mig 31

Tu 128


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3 Responses to “A Museum of Jets Used in Air Defense”

  1. MAXDMG says:

    Excellent Museum, it is a pity that the aircraft had not been given enough attention. They should appear as a combat-ready, and here unfortunately many years standing(

  2. jb says:

    Great pictures. Can I visit this museum? Where is this?

    • Tillerman says:

      Murom Air base near Savasleyka, Nizhegorodskaya oblast, Russia. I don’t understand why it is a secret. At Airliners.net the location is given as ‘whithheld’. But I found it by searching the web for a Yak-25, 05 blue, museum.

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