6 A Man Collecting Some Hammers

A Man Collecting Some Hammers

Posted on April 7, 2014 by tim

This man from Belarus collects hammers, judging from the reports. According to the story, this man, Victor, started collecting hammers in 1993. Since then he has collected over three hundred of them. He even has a “hammer exchange”. “Sometimes I want a hammer from another hammer owner and he doesn’t want to give me his hammer and won’t sell it to me. Then I take the hammers from my hammer exchange fund and offer them to him for exchange. In this fund I have, as a rule, good, useful, household hammers, so many do go for such a deal”. Some more stuff is inside.

They say that people gave most of the hammers to Victor for free. A doctor friend gave him a collection of small hammers. One of them is made out of titanium and has small needles.


“This miracle-hammer is for acupuncture massage. With its help you can turn a little drunk into sober. There is a spot on the head, that when you hit this spot, a person becomes sober. Why do you laugh? I didn’t believe it before I tested it on myself, but a rookie shouldn’t do this”, – warns Victor.


“This hammer can be used to hammer nails, crack nuts, crack sugar, turn screws”

This hammer is for woodcutters they soak it in ink and leave special marks on logs.


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6 Responses to “A Man Collecting Some Hammers”

  1. MrSatyre says:

    Here in the US more people are murdered with hammers than with with guns. This guy has an arsenal! They must be banned! Think of the children! ;-)

  2. Kevlar Nadz says:

    It´s Hammer Time!

  3. LewisM says:

    Let me guess – his family name is Molotov? :) (BAD pun on Russian word for hammer) :)

  4. Matt says:

    Molotok is the Russian word for hammer i believe!

    • LewisM says:

      Yes, it is, hence my play on words, as Molotok would not be a NAME, whereas Molotov is. Same roots, one familial, one a label for an object. Molotok is a small hammer, Molot is a larger (sledge etc) hammer.

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