3 Trip to the Gold Mining Village

Trip to the Gold Mining Village

Posted on April 4, 2014 by tim

Well, here is another blogger sharing photos of his road trip to a village. Let’s see what he says: “Whole village has no piece of paved road. Young mothers with baby carriages walk, and the dirt of passing cars goes in every direction. You can only get into the yard on something equipped with caterpillar tracks.”


The photos are clickable and will be enlarged when you click them.

The village’s name is “Communar” – it is something like commune activist of early Socialist era in USSR. He continues: “This is the main street of the village. No wonder there are abandoned houses around. People can’t be bribed with anything to live here.”


“It was already the end of March at the time of our visit, but the New Year tree was just pulled out of its place in the main village square and left lying nearby. Nobody put it in the garbage.”

“The only big company in Communar is a gold mine, so the people of the village get gold for the government. Since the village was founded, it has mined more than one hundred tons of gold. It means that every year Communar adds a ton of gold to the budget of the country.”

“We’ve not seen a single trashcan while being here. Garbage was just lying on the street.”


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3 Responses to “Trip to the Gold Mining Village”

  1. Vijay says:

    Amazing set of pictures. Like a mini vacation to escape the rush of the
    City life and escape to a quiet place. Who cares if there are not trash cans
    there, the place looks peaceful. Better to escape to a place like this than
    to be involved in war mongering. We have so much technology these days,
    they can be used for peaceful purposes like taking these wonderful
    pictures rather than focus on making weapons and go to war.

  2. Andy Studebaker says:

    In Washington State we have numerous small places just like this, at this time of year – with one difference: Russians will use decorative art on their windows to make the log and other homes attractive. My small log house, built 1928, is gonna get a makeover – Russian-style!! I know how to make the Russian window art (I think) and will do so! I am getting my tools ready! And the paints.

  3. Kibu says:

    First photo on the third page looks like it might have been a locomotive roundhouse at one time.

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