33 A Military Drill in Ukraine

A Military Drill in Ukraine

Posted on April 4, 2014 by tim

They say an extensive military drill was held in Ukraine. The Department of defense has published some images, and here are some of them.


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33 Responses to “A Military Drill in Ukraine”

  1. MAXDMG says:

    Looks convincing, it is a pity that part in the Crimea, just not are combat ready, as all the Ukrainian army. The air force actually no, weapons are obsolete, untrained personnel (‘t have money for teaching), the technique has not received proper care. So this attempt to Flex its muscles alas not withstand a collision with the facts.

  2. Horrilka says:

    Salo Ukraine! Heroyam – salo!

  3. MrSatyre says:

    Seems reckless of the Ukraine gov’t to waste firepower on drills when they can’t replace any of the mortars, rockets, etc. They all come from Russia, as do all of their tanks, planes, helicopters and armored personnel carriers. They may manufacturer small arms, but the big toys come from the wrong side of the fence.

    • Darius says:

      Not completely true. Some tanks and some other big things are produced in Ukraine. Althought not the T-90s. Some Antonov plains that are used by Russia are produced only in Ukraine.

      • ae says:

        And you Forgot to mention, that all this Toys are Produced in Eastern Russian Speaking part of Ukraine only!

        btw. today they Proclaim Independence from Kiev
        in Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions.

  4. Serg says:

    In the first photo interesting device – unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Tupolev Tu-143, the complex VR-3 “Reis”.

  5. Sarmatian says:

    Dan, they had no choice, for a number of reasons. In any case, it is shameful to spill the blood of your brothers, as Ukrainians and Russians are the same people. This flexing of muscle is really impotent as they wouldn’t stand a chance against Russian army, and they know it. The only way they could stand a chance is in guerrilla warfare, but that only works in areas in which they could enjoy local support, which means only in western Ukraine, which Russians wouldn’t enter anyhow. And that kind of warfare is horrific for civilians, just ask Chechens how it worked out for them. Pushing Ukrainians down that path is not only irresponsible but morally despicable.
    As for bullies, I don’t know bigger bully then Brits and Americans. There is hardly a country on the planet they didn’t invade at some point. Many even several times.

    • George says:

      That’s a very naive view. The brits and the US, “invades” countries, to try and stop communism or some other such action, supported by, or funded by communist. The communist have been running around the world causing hot spots since the end of WWII.
      Almost every hot spot in the world, has either been started, by, funded by, or controlled by, communists.
      (and yes, the middle east, has been a hot bed of communist funding/activity, just look at iran)

      And the Ukraine, is not part of russia. It’s only “part of russia”, because of WWII when it was INVADED by stalin, and has been “part of russia” (by force) until just recently. The whole “eastern bloc” was considered to “be russian” at one time. That’s one reason they left russia after it’s collapse, they wanted their country back.

      • Sarmatian says:

        You really need to read same history mate. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/British-have-invaded-nine-out-of-ten-countries-so-look-out-Luxembourg.html
        Communist era ended 25 years ago, and that didn’t stop Americans from acting like gung-ho marauding assholes since. Was Ayatollah Khomeini communist? Was Gaddafi communist? Was Saddam maybe communist? Nope. Actually all of those guys prosecuted and killed their own communists, which didn’t spare them US aggression. Serbs also weren’t communists back in 1999.
        And the twin towers weren’t brought down by communists, but by Sunni Islamists, created by US to fight those fabled communists.
        As for history of Ukraine, go read a history book, or even a Wikipedia, because your lack of knowledge on the topic is frankly embarrassing.

      • MAXDMG says:

        Let’s remember the story Originally appeared Kievan Rus, actually all the time that there was Imperial Russia and the USSR(about 1000 years) Ukraine was part of Russia. Kiev was the capital, before the Foundation of Moscow. And the history of independent Ukraine has only 23 years, during this time the country was bankrupt, with a poor population. In my opinion it would be better if he wouldn’t have independence, but the normal existence, than independence as a third world country.

        • Nick says:

          Cossacks where never Russian. Their ancestors fought for Bandera against NKVD

          • MAXDMG says:

            Cossacks fought for the Russian Empire and Their descendants fought for the USSR, what a bunch of nationalists was cut in the first place poles(80,000 people) and fought for Hitler’s not Cossacks, just idiots who didn’t understand that in case of victory of Hitler them just thrown into the furnace.

            • Nick says:

              NKVD genocide against cossacks is well documented. In fact Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler ever did and dont forget that

              • MAXDMG says:

                Amazing your ignorance of history. During the second world war killed about 30 million Russians, most of which were civilians which could not resist. Stalin repressions destroyed about 15 thousand people.

          • Ivanoff says:

            Nick, you know nothing.

      • Yea! says:

        Goerge, you are very ignorant! May be you should open up a history textbook and read it a little!

      • Ivanoff says:

        Are you American by any chance? Do you actually believe what you say? The levels of idiocy in your logic and ignorance in your comment can only be compared, though cannot serpass, those in the recent comments of John Kerry and Barak Obama. I doubt any half decently educated European would agree with you.

        • Nick says:

          Russian your level of brainwashing alarms me. Stop watching Russian TV. Instead question why a country that sells 500 billion dollars worth of petrol has the same economy as Italy.

  6. MAXDMG says:

    Why Slav shoot the Slav? Why preserve captured sale power of Kyiv? Crimea was separated through democratic referendum without a single shot, its inhabitants don’t want is a part of Ukraine. It is the triumph of democracy, but not military coups…

    • Nick says:

      More like triumph of Party of Regions

      • MAXDMG says:

        But who cares for the triumph of the Nazis Their leaders have openly called for the destruction of Russians, poles, Jews and others. Sick people, especially when you consider that Russians and Ukrainians and Belarusians Slavs.

    • Gonzo says:


      Please….democracy doesn’t require kidnappings of leaders. Stupid commies never change.

  7. Dag says:

    USA need to stay out of other country businesses. Russia they speak Russian language and Ukraine part of USSR so they belong to Russia. USA bankrupt who they to say anything and Russia is not Sodom & Gommora like USA is.

    • Gonzo says:

      And again…hahahahahaha

      Russia’s not bankrupt? They can barely afford their jet fuel. Interesting calling us sodom and gammora but Russia bans religions so that’s ironic…or dumb..either way

      Funny stuff

  8. Dag says:

    USA is run by Sodom & Gommora bathhouse african who is from Kenyna.

  9. Ivanoff says:

    Given the obvious cynicism in your comment, you don’t care at all about either Russians or Ukrainians. All you people want is a show of someone else’s blood just like you did in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya to name but a few recent examples.

  10. Jonathan says:

    It is a sin when two brother folks go to war between each other…shame on politicians

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