1 Kiev Cable Car Tram that is Here Since 1905 [25 photos]

Kiev Cable Car Tram that is Here Since 1905 [25 photos]

Posted on April 3, 2014 by tim

For more than 100 years, the citizens and guests of Kiev have actively used the funicular railway that connects Podol with the Upper Town. this unusual and unique transport system allows you to go up or down the Vladimir hill quickly.

The Kiev funicular was opened in 1905. Soon this unusual transport system will be 109 years old. This is the most classic photo shot of the funicular railway:

The length is 222m, the gradient – 18-20 degrees.

It takes at about 3 minutes to get from one station to another.

The elevation difference between the upper and lower station is 75 m

The upper part of the route is located on a reinforced concrete viaduct:

The Kiev funicular uses the balance wheel mechanism with two non-motorized cabins, securely connected to a cable thrown over a pulley, which is located at the upper station. The downward motion of one of the cabins leads to a symmetric upward motion of another cabin, and the cabins meet in the center point of the track. In such a system, the engine which drives the pulley, only uses energy to move the weight difference of two differently filled passenger cabins and on overcoming the frictional forces.

The cable that connects the cabins, laid between the support rails in a special system of direct and oblique blocks that provide routing of the cable along the route:

The cable is changed every few years. Its condition is monitored periodically and the thickness and other parameters are measured.

The railway meeting uses the “Abt switch”. Its mechanism is that the out rail tracks are solid, and internal are disconnected  to pass over the cable.


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