1 Altai Serenity

Altai Serenity

Photos taken on the way from the valley of seven lakes - wonderful sunset of Altai, Belukha
mountain, and a water surface that almost turned into a mirror. Peace and serenity!
1 Such a Windy Day

Such a Windy Day

People of Gelendzhik city (in the Krasnodar region of Russia) could plan on going to one place, but the wind could take them to
another. It seems they did not cope with it at all... But what could people do if even trucks were being turning upside down...
9 Meanwhile a Mobilization Taking Place in  Ukraine

Meanwhile a Mobilization Taking Place in Ukraine

An army mobilization is taking place in Ukraine these days. Both regular and volunteer servicemen are being enlisted. A
Ukrainian photo agency, Ukrafoto, has published a few photos from the recent field training for the newly arrived.
5 Topol Missile Has Been Launched

Topol Missile Has Been Launched

A ballistic missile "Topol" was launched from the Kapustin Yar launch site - the oldest Russian test site of Soviet ballistic missiles. This launch site was established as two special trains loaded with seized Nazi rocket equipment arrived from Germany in 1947. At that time engineers and soldiers lived in tents as no civil construction was going on, probably in favor of the faster completion of the launch site facilities. More German Nazi FAU-2 missiles arrived there later. Some of them were studied and
disassembled, but eleven German rockets were actually launched out of Kapustin Yar, Russia. For a while this was the only Russian ballistic missile testing and launching facility. As you can see, it is still being used today. Topol, capable of intercontinental travel, is said to be capable of hitting targets up to 6800 miles away. At this time, it was pointed at a test site in Kazakhstan, and as the TV anchor reported in the video below, it hit the target, as was expected.
31 What Crimea Actually Is

What Crimea Actually Is

What does the part of Ukraine that arouses so many disputes today, look like? In general it's a place with a
Mediterranean climate, with ancient history, mountains, beaches and nature reserves... This is what Crimea actually is.
5 Msta S: Russian Self Propelled Howitzer

Msta S: Russian Self Propelled Howitzer

Msta-S is a Russian (Soviet) self-propelled howitzer that was first put into service back in
1989. The vehicle is based on the T-80 tank hull, but is powered by the T-72's diesel engine.
1 Large Ship Repairing Plant On Fire

Large Ship Repairing Plant On Fire

Pictures from the large ship-repairing plant "Nerpa" in the Murmansk region of Russia, where a fire broke out just yesterday. It was a nuclear-powered
submarine "Krasnodar", that was being recycled, that caught fire. Luckily no nuclear fuel was aboard and nobody suffered in the incident.
3 Russian Paratroopers Land In the Arctic

Russian Paratroopers Land In the Arctic

The other day a unique landing operation was held by Russians. The battalion group of the Ivanovo division of Russian airborne forces, 350 soldiers and officers, landed at Temp airfield on the polar
island Kotelniy. Il-76 military-transport planes also dropped loads, material and military equipment on platforms under canopies. For the Russian army it's the first operation of such a kind.
1 Russian Oil Business of Nobel of Nobel Prize

Russian Oil Business of Nobel of Nobel Prize

The Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, or Branobel was established in 1876 and subsequently became one of the largest oil companies in the world
in the late nineteenth century. The pictures we are going to show you are dated 1913. This is how the production of the company in Baku looked then.

10 Large Russian Ship Sunk to Block Ukrainian Ones

Large Russian Ship Sunk to Block Ukrainian Ones

The large anti-submarine ship "Ochakov" was a masterpiece of engineering of the 70s. It participated in nine combat campaigns in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and travelled
hundreds of thousands of sea miles in sixteen years of active service. But how is this nice ship, the pride of the USSR, connected with the present situation in the Crimea, Ukraine?

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