14 The Taking Back Crimea Award

The Taking Back Crimea Award

A few hours ago, Russian twitter users started reporting that the Russian defence department has published an article and photos of the Russian chief of defence arriving in Crimea and awarding soldiers and local officials with a new award. The medal was called "For getting back the Crimea". These photos show the Russian chief of defence awarding something to the people in camouflage. Some camouflaged people have the insignia "BERKUT" which is the name of a Ukrainian special forces unit which became better known after the clashes in Kiev this past winter. Also a photo of the award
itself reportedly was published. That particular medal in the photo was in the name of Aksenov, the current leader of Crimea, who declared the Crimea independent. His personal numbered award had the number 136, so people supposed that at least a hundred more of the same medals were awarded. Later, people started to report that this article was removed from the official defence department website. The photos still could be opened if you knew their direct web address, however after a little more time you could not open the photos either.
4 Perestroika That Never Hits the Road

Perestroika That Never Hits the Road

When "Perestroika" - a term coined by Mikhail Gorbachev, was a trend in one large country, another "Perestroika" which literary means "rebuilding" was conceived by the engineers of Minsk Auto Factory or MAZ, one of the largest Soviet truck manufacturers. This somehow unusual looking truck is
"Perestroika" itself. You might have already noticed a gap between the truck's cab and the headlights, that is because the truck was not one solid truck but rather a set of modules or blocks that could be conjoined. Let me try to explain what this Perestroika truck was about.
1 A New Scout Plane is Up

A New Scout Plane is Up

A new modified "flying radar" plane, the A-50U or called "Mainstay" by NATO, has been shipped to the Russian air force recently. Basically as I understand it, these planes provide radar coverage where the army has no radar. So when a part of the air force or navy is going somewhere they would probably like to have a powerful radar with them, capable
on spotting any enemy units that may be around or to use it more for targeting their attacks. Such planes began being used in the 1980s but in 2011 they released an upgraded version of the old plane which can conduct its functions digitally. More pictures inside, also the photos are clickable and are pretty widescreen.
5 Ukrainian Coal Miners Tough Work

Ukrainian Coal Miners Tough Work

      After these photos of coal miners getting back from their job were posted, a discussion sprung up in the comments about how much tougher working in a coal mine rather than in an office might be. Some say that the conditions in some coal mines have not changed much since hundred years ago. It is that rough that people have to kneel throughout their entire working day and use the
sledgehammers and jackhammers to actually mine the coal. Their whole body gets covered in coal dust. More photos are inside:     It's not clear if those photos are from Russia or Ukraine, because Ukraine has been cited as the number two coal producer in Europe with more than 145 coal mines across the country - mostly in the Eastern part.
4 A Bath of Milk

A Bath of Milk

A curious story has surfaced in Omsk, Russia. A few young men, workers at the local dairy factory, have posted photos of themselves taking a bath in some clearly industrial type of tank full of white liquid. The comments they left under the photos were complaining that they had gotten bored with their job, which is cheese making, and decided to take a bath of what is suspected to be
either milk or another product used for cheese production. One of the photos clearly shows a guy holding his sweatpants in his hands, while half submerged in a white creamy goo. Also, a video has been posted of the same young men, half naked, doing something with supposedly the same liquid they just bathed in. We have that video and more photos below.

10 Soviet Civil Defence Posters

Soviet Civil Defence Posters

Here is a set of curious civil-defence posters from the Soviet past. It seems
adults and children knew better what they had to do in emergency situations...
1 Final Days of Old Russian Churches And Estates

Final Days of Old Russian Churches And Estates

Yogna is one of the oldest still-populated villages in the Tver region of Russia. This is where some more interesting examples of old Russian architecture are living out their remaining days.
One of them, the wooden estate, used to belong to a university professor in the early twentieth century. Another one, the old church, was built in the early nineteenth century.

10 How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

Here we get a chance to peek inside the factory that assembles BTRs, Russian military reconnaissance vehicles. It is a military oriented factory, so there is a special controlling unit making sure that you don't capture in your
viewfinder anything they don't want to be seen, however we did get those photos and I find them pretty interesting. The assembly of a BTR starts with a fully pre-made body. It comes from a factory nearby, already painted and
Возвращение военнослужащих призванных из Крыма в Симферополь
16 Coming Back Home

Coming Back Home

Simferopol. March 23rd. Military men come back home from Ukrainian army to their homes in Crimea, where
they have been serving. Their relatives, parents, girlfriends are meeting them at the station.

4 Making Communications For the Russian Army

Making Communications For the Russian Army

In Kaluga, Russia, they apply the newest technologies to make communication tools of the future for the Russian army - mobile communication
hardware, command and control vehicles, telemetry equipment, automobile electronics, telecommunication cabinets and racks, etc.

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