17 Is There Space for More Referendums Around?

Is There Space for More Referendums Around?

    Now in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, people have gathered to ask for a referendum on joining Russia. Some brought Russian flags, some held the portraits of Yanukovich - the president of Ukraine who fled to Russia and published a memorandum yesterday calling for people to demand more referendums on the fate of their regions. Some people were holding banners with more mundane
demands like "Give us back Russian TV channels" as a few days ago the court in Ukraine banned the broadcasting of the main Russian TV stations. Donetsk has almost one million people living in it and 48% of them are Russian. However it doesn't look to me that this gathering was too large, some reports say that around two thousand people were present.

4 Vintage Russian Circus Posters

Vintage Russian Circus Posters

I have here a collection of vintage Russian circus posters and wonder if other are as interested in them as I am. In my opinion, in the Soviet past the circuses could be sort of little islands of freedom, especially in the early Soviet years. They offered entertainment (and entertainments were controlled by the state, at the time), they travelled to different cities (and wandering around without a fixed place of residence was considered a crime, as far as I recall). I tried to research a
little, and it seems that there are more people sharing the same opinion - like Olga Sviblova, the head of the art and multimedia museum in Moscow, quoted as saying that "Circus and sports were the only two spots in Soviet 1930s that had freedom". And so the vintage Russian circus posters to me look different to most of the other Soviet posters - both propaganda and advertisement. I find the circus posters much more vivid and real in detail. So here they are:

2 An Encircled Part of Moscow Where Life is Not that Bright

An Encircled Part of Moscow Where Life is Not that Bright

I think that in Russia most people believe that basically Moscow is much better in terms of quality of life when compared to the rest of the country. I believe it's sort of normal to think that people in Moscow have higher salaries, better roads, get better healthcare, have the biggest stores, buy world recognized luxury brands, etc. Such people might
be surprised to learn that even in Moscow there are places like the place in these photos. Like some magical circle, the part of Moscow with 386 people is enclosed by triple circular rows of railways. Built in 1932 to be used as a test site, the trains cut the settlement out of the outer world and out of the rest of Moscow.
3 Airforce Drill Near Finland

Airforce Drill Near Finland

Today, an air force drill started in Karelia, 250 km east of Finland. Reportedly, air force jets and teams have arrived from four regions of Russia. The drill is planned to be conducted during
both the day and the night. The official defense department statement says that the main region of the drill would be Ladoga lake, which is on the border with Europe and Finland.

15 Russian Official Army Field Ration

Russian Official Army Field Ration

Here are photographs of an official army field ration. The package is shielded with aluminum foil to prevent spoilage for
longer. Total calorie count is 4287 calories, and it weighs 1.7 kilos (or around 3 pounds). What's inside? Let's see.
28 Photos Made In Top Secret Military Factories

Photos Made In Top Secret Military Factories

Those vehicles were top secret during the Soviet era, but they are more easily accessed now. Lately, a few Russian top level military equipment producers are trying to allow more publicity. These are some photos taken in such previously hard to get to places as the newest MIG-35 assembly lines, power
engines for the heavy military IL 76 transport planes, Tula high precision weaponry (like the Pantsir-Greyhound we had yesterday) and more. What you going to see here was top secret just a few years ago, you might be one of the first Westerner ever watching this unique photos!

5 New Polar Climate Uniform For the Arctic Boardguards

New Polar Climate Uniform For the Arctic Boardguards

This is a sample of the new uniform for the Russian arctic and polar board guards. The camo here might look to bright to be
camouflage, however there are a couple of "outdoors" photos at the end of the post and for me, it looks like it works well on snow.

1 Wedding at the Ukrainian Air Base

Wedding at the Ukrainian Air Base

A wedding has been celebrated on Ukraine's air force base, Belbek,
reportedly a few hours before it switched the flags and owners.
24 Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

Over the past two weeks the Black Fleet of Russia obtained 51 ships of the Ukrainian forces, all of them hoisted the St. Andrew's flag of the Russian navy. It means that out
of 61 ships of the Ukrainian naval forces, only ten still belong to Ukraine. Some of these ships are still battle-worthy, others are in a very poor condition.
6 The Castle of a Belorussian Man

The Castle of a Belorussian Man

The builder-enthusiast from Minsk, Belarus, built this house all by himself, reportedly. As the story goes, he goes to the construction site in the Belorussian village every weekend. He takes a train from his city, then travels two
kilometers on foot. He has been managing this project for ten years already.  Locals call it "a fairytale castle" because a thousand glass bottles and other not very usual decoration pieces have been used in its construction.

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